Server view : Barthilas

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
100k lifetime killsRogue09-10-29169-11040
29 Twink Rogue Fatherfox - Ceteris ParRogue07-02-25294.1524562
4.2 PvE dps frost DK guide+RotationDeathknight11-07-1620-14198
500g / hr Heroic Underbog Chest FarmiRogue08-02-15472.8849314
70 Shaman PvP Enhancement ArlexiorShaman08-02-01781.9920068
Advent Warcraft TrailerMultiple07-12-20343.145022
Against The World: Overkill Ft BoostzRogue09-03-283434.8224537
Anub'Rekhan - Shadow Priest SoloPriest11-10-29189-8443
Archimonde - Shadow Priest SoloPriest11-10-11194-6611
Arms Warrior Arena Level 70-74Warrior13-11-07135-9198
Arms Warrior Duels Vs Marksman Hunter Warrior13-11-0734-6736
Arms Warrior Duels Vs Randoms - 70-74Warrior13-11-07115-6310
Arms Warrior Duels Vs Rogue 1 - 70-74 Warrior13-11-07121-5798
Arms Warrior Duels Vs Rogue 2 - 70-74 Warrior13-11-07279-8678
Arms Warrior Vs Frost Deathknight DuelWarrior13-11-0776-6255
Ascent Vs Blackwing DecentShaman10-12-31203-5445
Blue Label VS Heroic ChimaeronPaladin11-06-02325-5209
Blue Label vs Heroic Elegon 25Priest12-12-08383-4770
Blue Label vs Heroic Feng the AccursedPriest12-12-08405-5143
Blue Label vs Heroic Gara'jal the SpirPriest12-12-08263-5045
Blue Label vs Heroic Garalon 25Priest12-12-08348-5734
Blue Label Vs Heroic Halfus WyrmbreakePaladin11-06-03251-4410
Blue Label vs Heroic Madness of DeathwPriest12-03-10673-3973
Blue Label vs Heroic Majordomo StaghelPriest11-09-20469-4063
Blue Label vs Heroic Morchok 25Priest11-12-08291-4029
Blue Label vs Heroic Ultraxion 25Priest12-02-07249-4094
Blue Label VS Heroic Valiona & TheraliPaladin11-06-03384-8340
Blue Label vs Heroic Warlord Zon'ozz 2Priest12-01-31240-3849
Blue Label vs Heroic Warmaster 25Priest12-02-26325-3332
Blue Label vs Heroic Wind Lord Mel'jarPriest12-12-11311-6177
Blue Label vs Heroic Yor'sahj the UnslPriest12-01-17357-5237
Boostz III Mage PVPMage09-12-12755-66658
Camia - 0x Glad 10x BadPaladin12-09-15207-4876
Clothbomb Fire MageMage07-10-06127-3200
DaijÚzen II: 85 Arms Warrior PVPWarrior11-03-18506-4211
DaijÚzen II: 85 Arms Warrior PVP 4.06 Warrior11-03-2377-9202
DaijÚzen III PVP-Mix. 85 Arms 4.06Warrior11-03-20136-6350
Daijozen IV - Return of the Shield.Warrior11-04-04143-6431
Daijozen V - Enter the Shield.Warrior11-04-13558-5956
Double Rainbow Warcraft EditionMultiple10-07-1071-9412
Ele/Frost/Disc vs Ele/Destro/DiscShaman10-11-12180-8095
Ele/Ret 2v2 OutclassedShaman12-08-13558-6179
Elude of Barthilas - Dreamwalker 25 HaPriest10-06-26484-6838
Elude of Barthilas - Festergut 25 HardPriest10-06-2577-4913
Elude of Barthilas - Rotface 25 Hard MPriest10-06-25286-4744
Emoshankz - The Divine PathRogue12-01-27848-5879
Epic Music in WoWDeathknight15-01-1629-11491
Famous Last WordsMultiple07-12-10843.755635
Farming 300g /hr Prot Pally StratholmePaladin07-10-04433.2267466
Faytfight III - The Undying - 85 RogueRogue11-04-18161-6721
Forby - Barthilas 80 Mage PvPMage09-09-051227-29231
Gluth - Shadow Priest SoloPriest11-12-16199-33640
Gothik the Harvester - Shadow Priest SPriest11-10-18159-7381
Grand Widow Faerlina - Shadow Priest SPriest11-10-06107-9626
Grobbulus - Shadow Priest SoloPriest11-09-2096-5791
Heigan the Unclean - Shadow Priest SolPriest11-11-23245-7691
How to beat AvantGardePriest08-02-10613.8131555
How To Beat The Darkmoon Faire Pet BatRogue13-07-13145-26239
How to grind with your Prot Pally.Paladin07-07-28292.6315846
I Saw Solis Achievement Guide - FunnyDeathknight15-05-20150-14685
I WANT YOU!! ... In My Guild :D (BaHunter12-12-0638-9649
I'M MT Season 2 EP 03Unknown10-01-2164-37693
Illidari Council - Hunter PoVHunter08-02-23212-2550
Imminent Vs. VashjDruid08-06-03209-1702
Istupro 70 Rogue BarthilasRogue07-07-11228-1712
Jet 1 - The BeginningRogue13-01-06236-5998
Kael'thas Sunstrider 25 - Shadow PriesPriest11-09-27924-8165
Kel'Thuzad - Shadow Priest SoloPriest11-11-22280-13722
Kil'jaeden - Shadow Priest SoloPriest11-10-13546-23872
Lady Vashj KillMultiple08-02-1251-2053
Loatheb - Shadow Priest SoloPriest11-09-20120-11129
Lysium 1 (Timeless Isle)Priest14-01-08716-65988
Madness of Deathwing Arms Warrior POVWarrior12-01-18678-6848
Maexxna - Shadow Priest SoloPriest12-01-16127-5980
Malygos - Shadow Priest SoloPriest11-09-19407-22908
Mimiron Kill Vs. Resonate - BarthilasWarlock09-06-04134-2018
Mutantturtle 49 Warrior PvPWarrior07-09-191274.1810019
Newtyle IV (Warrior Mage Priest) 2800 Mage11-06-30299-61808
Noth the Plaguebringer - Shadow PriestPriest11-09-19166-8428
NotSwifty Prot Warrior DuelsWarrior14-03-05102-16620
Onyxia - Shadow Priest SoloPriest11-12-21342-5598
Panda WarsMultiple12-03-2028-39364
Priest Solo 25man SapphironPriest12-06-10347-10123
Priest Solo 25man Yogg-Saron+3 (+Val'aPriest13-04-08574-27083
Priest Solo Al'AkirPriest12-10-18385-18340
Priest Solo AlgalonPriest12-11-10181-16501
Priest Solo AlysrazorPriest12-04-17516-6457
Priest Solo Alysrazor HMPriest12-04-29654-5794
Priest Solo Ascendant CouncilPriest13-04-18200-15887
Priest Solo AtramedesPriest12-11-11408-4774
Priest Solo AuriayaPriest12-02-07259-5780
Priest Solo Beth'tilacPriest13-04-10221-16467
Priest Solo ChimaeronPriest13-02-03137-34525
Priest Solo Cho'gallPriest13-04-16284-23624
Priest Solo EmalonPriest12-07-21144-10287
Priest Solo Faction ChampionsPriest12-02-29125-11120
Priest Solo FreyaPriest12-03-20267-22145
Priest Solo Heroic OmnotronPriest14-01-16121-28867
Priest Solo HodirPriest12-02-11318-13069
Priest Solo HorridonPriest15-10-08118-13165
Priest Solo IgnisPriest12-02-17465-5882
Priest Solo Iron CouncilPriest12-04-04537-15836
Priest Solo Iron Council 25Priest12-12-17362-10657
Priest Solo Jaraxxus HMPriest12-08-22219-6280
Priest Solo Jin'rokh the BreakerPriest15-10-0843-24214
Priest Solo KarathressPriest12-07-03134-19493
Priest Solo KologarnPriest12-02-05260-6674
Priest Solo KoralonPriest12-02-22207-4154
Priest Solo Koralon 25manPriest12-09-24325-4552
Priest Solo Lady DeathwhisperPriest12-01-30288-21731
Priest Solo Lady Deathwhisper HMPriest12-02-26400-5905
Priest Solo Lady VashjPriest12-03-10277-22464
Priest Solo Lich KingPriest12-10-15464-31891
Priest Solo Lich King 25HPriest13-07-11672-179928
Priest Solo Lord JaraxxusPriest12-03-17178-7624
Priest Solo Lord RhyolithPriest13-02-12264-11332
Priest Solo Madness of DeathwingPriest13-04-270-25147
Priest Solo MagmawPriest13-02-02332-8456
Priest Solo MarrowgarPriest12-01-27413-8099
Priest Solo Marrowgar HMPriest12-04-18367-5370
Priest Solo MimironPriest12-02-10329-21028
Priest Solo Mimiron HMPriest12-02-22426-5995
Priest Solo NefarianPriest13-05-19277-22546
Priest Solo Northrend BeastsPriest12-09-01194-10212
Priest Solo Occu'tharPriest13-02-06191-9983
Priest Solo Omnotron Defense SystemPriest13-01-26326-11605
Priest Solo PatchwerkPriest12-09-0897-10388
Priest Solo Patchwerk 25manPriest13-03-31137-42555
Priest Solo Ragnaros 10NPriest13-12-24152-47733
Priest Solo Rotface HMPriest12-02-28361-6771
Priest Solo Sarth+3DPriest12-09-1267-9583
Priest Solo SindragosaPriest12-02-03429-9932
Priest Solo SinestraPriest14-01-07143-73661
Priest Solo Spine of DeathwingPriest14-01-17188-81681
Priest Solo ThaddiusPriest12-03-10113-14759
Priest Solo Thorim HMPriest12-09-02207-27925
Priest Solo ToravonPriest12-09-10153-7384
Priest Solo Twin EmperorsPriest12-03-20178-22821
Priest Solo Twin Val'kyrPriest12-04-24111-13565
Priest Solo Twin Valkyr HMPriest12-09-04183-13200
Priest Solo UltraxionPriest14-01-08135-62563
Priest Solo Valiona and TheralionPriest13-04-17146-8447
Priest Solo Valithria DreamwalkerPriest12-11-16292-19189
Priest Solo Warlord Zon'ozzPriest13-04-21192-19861
Priest Solo XT002 HMPriest12-08-11347-9012
Priest Solo Yogg + 1 LightPriest12-03-27377-11046
Priest Solo Yor'sahj the UnsleepingPriest13-04-17223-10614
Prot Warrior Pvp (World Of Warcraft) 5Warrior13-12-27122-19254
PvE Shadow Priest Solo MontagePriest13-05-27444-21021
Raiding Expectations vs RealityHunter14-05-0628-10033
Razorscale - Shadow Priest SoloPriest11-11-01232-10253
Rehabs vs. Illidari CouncilPaladin07-10-15127-3116
Roidy 1: Pret/Disc Arms 2500 - BG9Paladin10-09-05122-26267
Rotface - Shadow Priest SoloPriest12-01-16258-5307
Sapphiron - Shadow Priest SoloPriest11-09-20335-6871
Sartharion - Shadow Priest SoloPriest11-10-11125-8180
Seifer : Retribution Paladin PvPPaladin12-06-01628-7827
Shattered Faith Vs. Zul'jinPriest07-11-2396-2198
Solo Flame Leviathan 4 TowersPriest12-03-1493-19222
SuperBrad Hunter Highlights (World Of Hunter13-08-20368-8624
The Four Horsemen - Shadow Priest SoloPriest11-10-22123-8895
The Lore of the Sunwell (Raid) [Lore oMage14-07-23302-12676
The One World of Warcraft StyleMultiple07-12-14363.758495
The Six Demon BagPriest07-09-13913.8815386
Theramore's Fall Priest PoVPriest12-09-19334-3919
Thorim KillMultiple09-05-14137-3363
Thoughtless VictoryRogue10-03-15390-5899
Ulduar CompilationMultiple09-08-02216-5892
Vci Arms Warrior PvPWarrior11-11-22260-36239
Wakdawg Elemental 4.0Shaman10-11-1080-4741
Warrior In Progress 1Warrior12-12-18233-3961
World of Warcraft EventsPriest11-02-14214-6560
World Of Warcraft Patch 5.3 - Why HaviHunter13-08-1535-7520
XT-002 Deconstructor - Shadow Priest SPriest11-10-02236-6010
Yogg-Saron - Shadow Priest SoloPriest12-01-20301-10749