Server view : Blade's Edge

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
25 ICC alt PUGDeathknight10-08-31284-4779
Beast of NorthernrendWarrior09-12-03299-3381
Castle In The SkyWarlock09-10-2769-11812
Castles In The Sky 3D ConceptWarlock09-09-0212-6523
Cloud 9Warlock09-02-171524.6531475
Fast Dailies 4 You!Mage12-08-0233-2475
Fly HighWarlock07-11-21803.368949
Gnomes of Gnomeregan Intro PreviewWarlock08-11-02253.955873
Here they come!Warlock09-09-0514-4541
How I tank HalionWarrior10-07-21144-4143
IHTG Vs. Al'arPaladin08-09-0651-2173
IMS vs MaloriakPaladin11-04-0477-2689
IMS vs Omnotron Defense SystemWarrior11-04-04138-2401
IMS vs Valiona and theralionWarrior11-04-0495-2806
IMS vs. Cho'GallUnknown11-05-06151-3622
IMS vs. Conclave of WindWarrior11-05-0759-3576
IMS vs. Halfus WyrmbreakerWarrior11-02-1965-2449
IMS vs. Lich KingWarrior10-12-05699-2499
IMS vs. MagmawWarrior11-03-03126-2125
IMS vs. Twilight Ascendant CouncilWarrior11-05-0488-2813
Let the Bodies Hit the FloorUnknown08-07-2645-2438
Let the Bodies Hit the FloorUnknown08-08-19424.257286
Rogue Vs. Rogue: lectrinRogue08-09-0422-2530
Sinnimania PreviewWarlock08-07-07522.753236
The Click vs Festergut 25 (HM)Warrior10-08-2777-4759
The Click vs Lich KingMage10-07-21256-3257
Traveller Diary: Part II - BlackfathomHunter09-03-19249-2239
Warrior Tanking VoA (My play style)Warrior09-03-2958-3077
Wow So sickMage08-02-03401.253979
Xarres - Isle of COnquestRogue10-06-04105-3827
Xarres - WarsongRogue09-06-1992-5649
Xarres - Warsong GulchRogue10-06-04113-4648