Server view : Sargeras

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
+2200 rogue/disc 2v2Rogue08-06-02453.2526474
2-Man MagmadarMultiple06-01-245-4425
2.3k+ RMP team riTPriest08-04-095764.3736235
2.4k+ Hunter/Priest team riT-08-07-104554.6070273
2400+ Ret DK Resto DruidPaladin11-05-26305-9953
25 Man Heroic Anub'ArakPaladin09-11-11132-3744
25 Man Thrallmar RaidRogue07-04-222122.922548
2600-2850 mmr TaylorSwîft Enhance ShamShaman11-03-16280-26591
2v2 Arenas (World Of Warcraft)Paladin13-06-11298-2885
2v2 Arenas w/cleanyak (World Of WarcraPaladin13-05-0583-2529
2v2 Arenas w/cleanyak (World Of WarcraPaladin13-04-300-1941
2v2 Arenas With Cleanyak (World Of WarPaladin13-05-21173-2909
2v2 Survival Hunter and Feral DruidHunter07-08-141273.1717174
3 drakes Sarth resto druid POVDruid09-02-0765-3775
3v3 Arenas Ret/MM/Holy #1 (World of WaPaladin13-10-02274-16654
3v3 Monk/lock/Priest 2300 MMRMonk14-03-25260-6669
4.2 Invocation of Flame FunPaladin11-06-29122-4916
41.5 DPS Resto Shaman PVPShaman07-06-182473.355467
5.3 Patch Review on Ret Paladins (Mop)Paladin13-05-1674-9378
5.4 From A Warriors PerspectiveWarrior13-06-28132-19318
64-67 TBC Boss fights Manatombs/AuchenShaman07-01-23904.206853
A Priest's Journey to the EndPriest06-01-19644.504999
Aeonus - Icy Hot PvPMage05-12-172684.849500
Aeonus - Rebirth of the FlamesMage06-03-24312-2356
Al'Akir 10 ManPriest11-01-27101-3282
Amnesia: The PotentialRogue14-03-10511-6203
Anonymous Vs. 3 Drake SarthPriest09-01-24155-1742
AoE Grinding in HillsbradShaman05-08-2563.6311892
AQ20-The Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj Boss BattlWarlock06-02-281123.8196168
Arceliea 1: Shadow Priest PvPPriest11-06-23624-7318
Arena 2's!(Druid/Warrior) ft Galarn!Warrior12-10-11188-2225
Ascendant Council 10Druid11-01-1883-2456
Ashman - Rank 14 Rogue PvPRogue06-03-282684.2240888
Ashman Addiction PVPRogue06-11-143784.5815276
Atramedes 10 ManPriest11-01-19501-3278
Atramedes 25 ManPriest11-01-25117-2169
Avadiaz: Life of a Feral DruidDruid12-02-04752-25171
Average Warrior 2, kaganpwnz 2300 MMR Warrior13-06-161238-20717
Azou: The Fattest Druid EverDruid06-11-122842.964808
Battle Grounds! Patch 5.3Paladin13-07-03192-3465
Bloodeyepwn 1 3v3 matchesDeathknight12-12-271215-10142
Bonecracker 7/8 BF Seal fateRogue06-03-271574.073521
Boostz & DrTranlol 2v2 ArenaPriest11-12-12864-37965
Boring Cleave 2700+Paladin10-10-141142-11381
Burning Crusade- Boss FightsPriest06-10-22633.3936422
Burning Crusade- DraeneiPriest06-10-2268-5106
Burning Crusade- OutlandsPriest06-10-22433.675103
Chimaeron 10 ManPriest11-01-1967-3679
Chimaeron 25 ManPriest11-01-2489-3738
Cho'Gall 10 ManPriest11-01-25136-3608
Cho'Gall 25 ManPriest11-02-06844-5017
Combat Rogue 5.3 PVP 2v2Rogue13-06-11655-12866
Comedy music videoMultiple07-01-0125-1612
Conclave of Wind 25 ManPriest11-01-23642-2622
Crystal Water and You!Mage05-10-2764.7512336
Curse of Doom new and improvedWarlock06-12-1374.062309
D Machine - Ret Paladin Arena - Skype/Paladin11-08-30208-36060
D Machine II │Ret PvP is Hard &#Paladin11-09-12512-11601
Dahis 9: 2850 Multicomp 3v3 ArenasWarrior10-10-25969-184953
Dead Memories - UlduarMultiple09-06-23223-16376
Death Knight PvP: It Begins - World ofDeathknight12-03-20108-3799
Deconstructing WintergraspMultiple09-09-08618-24601
Deconstructing Wintergrasp IIMultiple10-06-16460-15556
Disicples of Sin Vs. Void ReaverPriest07-07-1170-1941
Divergence VS KologarnMultiple09-04-28336-2331
Divergence Vs. Archimonde!Multiple08-07-24396-3142
Divergence Vs. BloodboilMultiple08-08-10255-1971
DM Library with no keyMage06-09-0181-6751
Dmachine Returns to Wow - Live Stream Paladin12-06-05998-3569
Domo fighting us after chest drops andDruid06-05-22194.508671
Double Ret Paladin Twos 4.2Paladin11-08-1448-15191
Double Rogue 2v2 Arena Ownage vol. 1Rogue11-11-06381-4440
Dr. EvilMultiple07-04-14154.024703
Dr00d2 PvPDruid06-01-082593.639074
DreDog 1Warrior09-09-28285-5197
Drlunacy PvPWarrior06-09-172394.114443
Duel VS Every Class Hunter v RogueHunter13-05-28272-15759
Elderly 2v2 Disc/FeralPriest11-11-2199-38191
Elderly 2v2 Disc/Feral - The Never EndPriest11-11-24182-9893
Elinthiaqt Still SucksRogue11-11-141502-9772
Eminence vs Rage WinterchillMage07-06-24117-10395
Eminence Vs. ArchimondePaladin07-07-22299-3608
Eminence Vs. Gurtogg BloodboilPaladin07-07-27265-2893
Eminence Vs. Kael'ThasPaladin07-07-01434-2607
Eminence vs. SabotageHunter07-12-1693-1955
Eminence Vs. Teron GorefiendPaladin07-07-02205-2882
Endac Vs vol. 1 - Twin EmperorsMultiple11-02-27283-4362
Endac Vs. vol 2 - ZA Bear RunRogue11-04-18241-4980
Endac Vs. vol 4 - Sapphiron (10)Rogue11-04-24254-15724
Endless Sacrifice: Rebirth TeaserRogue11-01-1284-25773
Enter The Matrix: 5.4 SUB Rogue PVPRogue13-10-081697-161559
Epic ArenaPaladin13-07-28134-3610
Exploration ExposedRogue06-09-06662.642914
Exploration Movie Volume 1 Who needs wMultiple06-04-231804.504013
F2P WoW MoP Starter Edition PVP - ProtWarrior13-03-24339-5400
F2P WoW Starter Edition PVP : Epic FlaWarrior12-05-30375-1992
F2P WoW Starter Edition PVP : Epic FlaWarrior12-05-071007-2601
F2P WoW Starter Edition PVP : WSG ThroWarrior12-05-30504-3028
Fatal Presence -Kriptik-Mage05-08-20864.703988
Fire Mage Filhadobumba - FirelordMage14-08-06295-3538
Fire Mage PvP - Filhadobumba 1Mage14-07-02295-5652
Force of Nature | Boomkin Montage 5.4.Druid14-07-10698-6562
Frost Mage 2v2 Arena Ownage 1Mage11-11-12697-6439
Frost Mage PvP 3 PREVIEWMage08-08-241382.183632
Getting Barman Shanker at Level 50!Rogue05-08-17573.508310
Gouki Does BattlegroundsMage05-06-14324.4427133
Gouki PVPMage05-04-201093.846269
Gouki PvP 3Mage05-06-02864.436406
Gouki PvP part 2Mage05-05-261513.9917663
Guywithstick PvP Movie 3 TrailerMage08-08-04401.283782
Guywithstick The PvP Movie IIMage07-07-286363.775894
Guywithstick The PvP Movie II TrailerMage06-10-116-4030
Hadria 85 Affliction Warlock PvPWarlock11-04-13118-10195
Halfus WyrmbreakerPriest11-01-16406-2145
Halfus Wyrmbreaker 10m NormalPriest11-04-25188-2671
Halfus Wyrmbreaker 25 Man - PoV Disc PPriest11-02-05400-3912
Hardware - 70 MageMage07-07-252992.3054529
Hellbent: Fire Mage PVPMage06-06-21102-2129
Heroic Halfus Wyrmbreaker 25 manPriest11-04-0190-4256
Heroic Magmaw 10Priest11-05-02109-14807
High VoltageShaman06-10-102243.356067
Holymoly - That Hurts trailerUnknown06-09-25124.594194
Holymoly: That Hurts - Part 1Unknown06-10-17724.6812440
Horde on a BoatHunter06-08-3055-3432
How To AoE Grind Your Frost MageMage05-11-0480-11385
How to do Timed ZAPaladin08-01-249694.2519949
How to get your 15k Mammoth & Epic FlyRogue09-04-19211.4038410
How to Lich KingMultiple10-04-05581-16341
I Fell Off My Dinosaur - Lord MarrowgaMage10-01-0681-3243
I Fell Off My Dinosaur VS DeathbringerMage10-01-2468-4470
I Fell Off My Dinosaur VS FestergutMage10-01-2470-4713
I Fell Off My Dinosuar - Gunship BattlMage10-01-06252-2442
Iamoblivions MontageHunter11-12-01369-2775
ICC - Having a Good TimeMultiple10-04-26148-15822
Imperial Order-Sargares Nefarian KillDruid05-10-2356-4601
Into Undead TerritoryUnknown07-05-285982.513972
Iron Council Hunter PoVHunter09-05-23128-2143
Jagerrot - Enhancement Shaman - TurboCShaman11-05-25670-9831
Jayfer / Skylerqt: Ret/Arms 2v2Paladin11-04-07408-45388
Jayfer: Glad Ret Multi-CompPaladin11-03-30724-12385
Jigs 2 - PHDkDeathknight10-01-251459-360021
Jigs 3 - Protin' on nerdsDeathknight10-05-131096-220610
Jigs 4 - Explodin' on nerdsDeathknight10-08-121356-180299
Joshj 1 world's highest dk/disc/rogue Rogue11-05-21356-84350
Joshj Trailer/TeaserRogue11-03-07275-29685
Just Me And A Friend Getting Capped (tPaladin13-03-27140-2529
Karazhan - Official Movie TrailerPaladin07-04-12232.002008
Karazhan - The Movie (Trailer)Paladin07-04-21372.693487
Kermit the Frog Plays World of WarcrafDruid13-05-11224-4591
Kriptik PVP 3Mage05-08-04744.7410173
Kriptik PVP 4Mage05-09-02744.647518
Kriptik PVP 5Mage05-09-24744.756555
Krypto Returns - Hunter pet nostalgiaHunter06-07-0654.258038
Legends of the HordeWarlock07-05-09242.004680
Life of a PvP PriestPriest10-03-07197-5352
Loincloth 1 - RGlad Hunter TR MovieHunter10-05-23797-189334
Lolstats - 2200 Feral 3v3 ArenaDruid11-07-23797-8271
Look out for Team Korea, we got guerilMage13-01-211579-28541
Mage Slayer CleavePriest11-02-02353-12997
Mage SMMage07-04-27593.353797
Magmaw 25 ManPriest11-01-23538-2197
Malice vs. MajordomoPriest11-08-15445-2460
Maloriak 10m pally add tankPaladin11-04-1493-2734
Mancleave AW YEAHPaladin10-03-11602-280363
Mangar PVP 1Warlock06-05-24433.225373
Marksman Hunter PvP Bursting Guide forHunter13-05-2759-105241
Melane II: 2700 Disc Priest ArenaPriest10-11-01644-51080
Memories [WoW Machinima]Deathknight13-06-17114-15658
MM hunter crits, bringing a whole new Hunter13-05-2165-43195
MM Hunter Gem GuideHunter13-06-2275-6710
MOP Arena 2v2 Warrior/Shadow PriestWarrior12-10-11205-13145
Mortality Vs. KaraDruid08-01-1828-2064
Mouzi 1 - Shadow/Frost/HPal 3v3 ArenaPriest11-01-20317-9425
Naked Mage 1v2 ArenaMage12-12-24792-29890
Nefarian 10 ManPriest11-02-02122-4272
Nennx, Elemental Shaman 5v5Shaman08-01-062483.5117149
Neo Ret Paladin PeeVeePee IVPaladin08-10-275082.646059
New Things On The PTR 5.4 (World Of WaPaladin13-08-20220-3817
Nightmare Mode: PreviewDruid08-07-163272.428582
NMP 4.0 Holy Pally POV 2750+Paladin11-07-04654-8573
Numb 1 - 5.1 RogueRogue13-01-18397-7845
Ohhleedoitt - S9 Wk 1 Arena/World PvPWarrior11-08-20909-4509
Omgponies - Where?Multiple07-01-06427-2777
Omnitron Defense System 10m pally tankPaladin11-04-1694-5098
Omnitron Defense System 25 ManPriest11-01-25665-2597
Org PvPPriest11-03-29139-3981
Origins vs. H-Nefarian (25 man)Druid11-04-16359-3675
Ouro Flawless KillMage06-05-0554.6128497
Overpowered PvP #3Hunter08-09-03431-2164
Paiid | 85 Elemental Shaman PvP - Fun Shaman12-03-2954-6319
Paiid | Deadwind Widow Follows You AnyShaman12-03-28117-6120
Patch 5.4 PTR Monk PVPMonk13-08-27326-17216
Pigboy 3 FMP/ShatterplayMage12-08-29287-9567
Pinefresh EstatesUnknown07-08-06583.8912173
postkicker 1Monk13-01-07239-12728
Potatobread 70 Elemental Shaman PvP-viShaman07-12-231673.173131
Priest PVP SargerasPriest06-03-10533.003375
PTR 2V2 Arenas With IronPaladin13-08-10255-3138
Pulse Vs. Akil'Zon (Rogue PoV)Rogue07-12-04106-6542
Pulse Vs. Attumen (Rogue PoV)Rogue07-11-2360-2810
Pulse Vs. Attumen (Tank PoV)Warrior07-12-0270-4164
Pulse Vs. Maiden of Virtue (Rogue PoV)Rogue07-11-2838-5302
Pulse vs. Nalorakk (Rogue PoV)Rogue07-11-2596-5337
Pulse Vs. Shade of Aran (Rogue PoV)Rogue07-11-2872-3864
Pureshield 1: *Heart* PaladinPaladin10-08-07313-22462
PvP: 309K CRIT - Warlock Ability ChaosWarlock12-06-0834-3267
Quarter- druid pvpDruid05-09-274094.729827
Ragnaros - by Righteous FuryPaladin06-04-08190-2005
Rama About AD pt 1Priest09-01-2134-1513
Rama's Rant on STVPriest09-01-1811-1931
Rank 1 Frostbolt vs Dark Edge of InsanMage06-07-11122.8748831
Remedy - Mage PVPMage06-05-141723.666215
Ret Paladin Bursting Guide 5.3 (World Paladin13-06-05188-15976
Ret/Enhance ArenaPaladin11-06-29187-14542
Rilaks - Holy Priest ArenaPriest12-03-071526-6832
Rogue Mage 2v2 Arena Pwnage US SargeraRogue11-11-11640-5066
Rogue Training Ep1: How to get better Rogue12-06-0281-3773
Rouge AB PvP Video WarkingsixtyRogue06-01-0530-3735
Ruby Sanctum 25 - normalHunter10-08-1148-5823
Saythin - Super SaythinWarrior11-06-051006-9692
Seeth:Fury Warrior MovieWarrior12-09-10545-3062
Seriously Casual vs Blood Queen Lana'tShaman10-01-26251-3583
Severance - Mage PVPMage06-07-052474.4741435
Shadows of a Geist - Combat Rogue PvPRogue10-10-3190-3025
Shatterswagg 1 - 2800 WMPMage11-07-30443-9759
Shenaneganz-Hunter/Rogue 2v2Hunter12-02-28197-10467
Sliq - dr00d PVPDruid05-08-052443.687537
Soul - Hunter Style PvPHunter12-03-281109-18995
Speedkill: The Mighty Oxen's Rag fast Mage06-07-19292.339837
Star wars Old Republic :OMultiple11-07-1870-3858
Starion's PvPWarlock06-03-06134-2542
Strength Of The Sword EP.1Paladin13-08-03208-3805
Surge of LightPriest07-09-071271.815337
Sykeasaurus 5 - Season 8 TR - RMPPriest10-06-01149-20413
Taste for Blood | Ep1 | Warrior MontagWarrior13-07-0396-4229
Team Swigtrix: Rogue/FireMage 2v2 ArenRogue12-05-30626-2908
Telari 2Shaman11-07-17734-6661
The Avenger - TrailerUnknown07-05-02153.193222
The Mighty Oxen kills HuhuranDruid06-07-1933-3653
The Revenge of Bessy: Part 1Priest12-12-03470-2538
The Turks vs High King MaulgarPriest07-04-09155-3186
The Turks Vs. Opera- Romulo & JuliannePriest07-04-10155-2809
Thunderstorm Montage - ShamanShaman11-01-2620-3559
Trayah Vs. Illidan StormragePriest08-04-10689-2987
Trayah Vs. Shade of AkamaPriest08-02-2547-3044
Trayah Vs. Teron GorefiendRogue08-01-1084-5345
Tricarix - Plethora of TentaclesDeathknight12-09-10183-3567
Tricky 1 (Re-uploaded)Rogue10-11-17119-3668
trolling at its bestHunter12-09-0474-2407
Trucko 1: 3v3 Arena as Resto Shaman (4Shaman11-05-30695-6697
Tryhardface 2Hunter12-09-171192-2300
Twilight Ascendants 10 ManPriest11-01-1984-2591
Twilight Ascendants 25 ManPriest11-01-3089-3253
Tyrrana of the SandRogue08-02-114811.893325
Useful Rogue MacrosRogue12-02-05249-4754
Valiona and TheralionPriest11-01-17644-1965
Vampire Robots - Heroic Lord Rhyolith Priest11-07-22340-3646
Vanguards 4 - 3000+ Ret ArenasPaladin11-03-30437-343995
VoS Vs. Al'arWarlock07-09-10127-2564
VoS Vs. ArchimondeWarlock07-12-23363-3797
VoS Vs. Lady VashjWarlock07-09-21127-3041
VoS vs. Leotheras The BlindWarlock07-08-17246-3479
VoS Vs. LurkerWarlock07-08-08387-3236
VoS Vs. Morogrim TidewalkerWarlock07-08-08247-5398
Welcome to the World of WarcraftUnknown10-02-1326-3572
What's new for hunters in 5.4!? Epic tHunter13-08-09108-31182
Where my loot at?Hunter06-07-121164.522741
Why I play MM hunterHunter13-05-1468-8189
World #1 'Spell Cleave' S7 -- Chaimer Warlock10-02-08329-98861
World of ExplorationUnknown07-01-10534.687168
World of Warcraft - 2v2 Arena Montage Hunter13-03-23292-9475
World Of Warcraft How To Get The BackpHunter12-08-3071-3433
World Of Warcraft PvP Heroes Episode #Hunter11-12-28421-2876
World Of Warcraft PvP Heroes Episode #Hunter11-12-29324-2747
World Of Warcraft PvP Heroes Episode #Hunter11-12-31135-2931
World Of Warcraft PvP Heroes, Episode Hunter11-12-10221-2880
WotLK Preview Movie by EndacMultiple08-11-065654.9110745
WoW Arena montage #2 | Hunter/Boomy OwHunter13-05-10166-23130
WoW Ret Paladin PvP Guide - Patch 4.2Paladin11-08-16784-25458
xHydraxmistxmcg 8Priest10-01-21248-68858
Yogg+1 10m En Sanctus LetumMultiple09-10-10303-6880