Server view : Korialstraaz

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
25 OS with 1 DrakeShaman09-04-12427-4271
25 ToC - Faction Champions (Wipe)Shaman09-12-03288-4599
Dark Reckoning vs The Lich KingWarlock10-07-1895-5655
Death Knight Solos Normal StonecoreDeathknight11-01-09215-5904
Emalon the Storm Watcher - NormalShaman09-05-06192-2716
Frogger Downs Phase TwoPaladin09-01-2918-8856
Frost DW DK DPS Guide 3.3.5!Deathknight10-07-29402-496744
How to: Create your own Custom AnimatiPaladin13-04-26109-75711
IP man rescues Ghostcrawler from the PPaladin11-03-18158-44769
Lich King Achievment runMage10-06-26607-4990
Paramount Lich KingMultiple10-05-09278-3893
PARAMOUNT Vs. Lich KingMultiple10-05-08278-4437
RA vs KelThuzadMage09-07-0696-17540
RA vs. HodirMage09-07-25182-7748
Set up Surgeon GeneralShaman09-11-2077-5737
Slimthuggy Hunter PvPHunter10-09-2875-5572
Slimthuggy Hunter PvP Test Video 1Hunter10-08-1658-4407
ToC 10 - ANub'arakShaman09-12-05323-5472
Wipe on 25 ToC Faction ChampionsShaman09-12-04288-4023
Wrecked vs. Lich King 25manMage10-06-05173-4308