Server view : Shandris

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
Atrocity of ShandrisHunter11-08-1656-4022
Azzinoth Protection PVP 3.0Warrior08-11-082634.3172061
Crazy 88s - Obsidian Sanctum HeroicPaladin08-12-3062-2505
Devastate (2K DPS Protection)Warrior08-07-042414.5456305
How to dance to dubstep mancleave stylPaladin10-09-05207-7570
Seditio Guild Video OpeningMultiple09-07-241154-3620
Sunder Vs. 25man Frostwyrm LairMage09-03-26297-2742
Sunder Vs. 25man PatchwerkMage09-03-02105-3488
Sunder Vs. 25man Spider Quarter NaxxMage09-03-16298-2491
The Huntard FilesHunter08-06-302904.6012589
The Huntard Files: The Salmon DanceHunter08-05-291992.5517088