Server view : Sisters of Elune

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
(?)First mage, Shade of Aran solo(?)Mage09-04-09141-8288
Dark Favor Boss Kills - Part 1Mage07-11-18755-1954
Dungeon Team Extreme vs Conclave of thPaladin10-12-16101-4229
Dungeon Team Extreme vs Halfus WyrmbrePaladin10-12-1747-7388
Dungeon Team Extreme vs Omnitron DefenPaladin10-12-14111-5493
Exodus Vs. Kael'Thas SunstriderMultiple08-04-02348-2313
Forthright: Malygos-25 (Melee)Warrior09-02-27273-5054
How to Solo HakkarDeath Knight10-02-1158-12465
Riddle of Steel Vs. IllhoofWarrior07-07-02100-2061
Riddle of Steel Vs. MaidenWarrior07-07-0149-1993
Veidaz | a legion 2v2 short | Dancing Mage17-05-07375-28200