Server view : Kilrogg

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
[WoW Parody Machinima] Pugbreaker byUnknown13-08-05470-13779
Illusion kills Beth'tilac - NO GUIDE,Warrior11-07-10288-2994
"BADBREATH" Hunter Chimera Pet bg pvpHunter12-07-02385-5475
1000K damage in 10 seconds by an AssasRogue11-08-1886-39786
20091220 Anarchy v.s. AnubarakMultiple10-01-05247-4499
2500+ Arms warr (PoV) // Holy Pala Vs Warrior11-09-27160-3432
2500+ Arms Warrior(PoV) / Ret Paladin Warrior11-09-2340-4974
2900 +Arms warr (PoV) // Ret Pala // RWarrior11-10-0116-4675
2900+ RMP Shadowcleave - Swag OffPaladin11-08-14339-7828
2on2 low ratign arena - Mage - ShamanMage08-01-174024.384778
3v3 - Mage/warrior/druid - Mage PoV - Mage11-07-20672-5487
40+ Alliance Raid Orgrimmar got PWNED Rogue10-07-0124-5114
600K+ damage Assassin Rogue at AlteracRogue11-08-16291-29486
A Shattered WorldShaman11-05-14196-2957
Al'ar vs. War of WrathHunter07-09-16167-3152
Alehath IRogue12-07-28287-3389
Algalon 25 Anarchy 20091129Multiple09-11-30418-4646
Anarchy Vs. Hydross the UnstableWarlock07-08-09201-2667
Anarchy Vs. MagtheridonWarlock07-07-26316-3004
Anarchy Vs. Morogrim TidewalkerWarlock07-09-19127-2547
Anarchy Vs. The Lurker BelowWarlock07-08-09248-2744
Anetheron- RebelknightsShaman07-11-01127-1513
Anubarak Anarchy 20091215Multiple09-12-18254-3309
As good as I once wasMultiple07-10-23504.387810
Azeroth Allday 23/01/14 - Character MoUnknown14-01-25202-6322
Barbarians saving Kalecgos from Demon Shaman08-03-2958-3796
Barbarians Vs. Illidan StormrageWarrior08-01-12265-1970
Barbarians Vs. Malygos (5 minute kill)Druid09-01-18247-4655
Barbarians Vs. Twin EredarsDruid08-04-28300-6819
Beer enhancedMultiple10-08-29361-4195
Below the Belt Ep2Unknown08-06-29249-3005
Brinoc 80 Paladin RetributionPaladin09-02-251892.969063
Can Your Alt Do That? 70 Destro Lock PWarlock10-03-31222-13442
Coldtail Final - Duel PvPMage07-12-262252.254079
Coldtail3 -Multiple08-08-044043.9410359
Combustion vs Ragnaros - Firelands - 1Shaman11-07-17703-4345
Craze Vs. LurkerPaladin08-02-03361-1772
CruxMortys Vs. AnetheronWarrior08-05-15472-2766
CruxMortys Vs. AzgalorWarrior08-05-17233-3232
CruxMortys Vs. Kaz'rogalWarrior08-05-27164-2324
CruxMortys Vs. SupremusWarrior08-05-12157-2193
Cyras - Retri Paladin PvP TBCPaladin11-07-1133-7567
Dead Can Dance - Song of the SibylUnknown11-08-2739-15902
EU Kilrogg : Anarchy VS Lord MarrowgarPaladin10-01-05231-7731
EU Kilrogg : Anarchy VS Putricide 10 HPaladin10-06-02110-4573
FEEL MY WRATH!Warrior10-08-0359-7860
Frost & BloodDeathknight11-10-12294-5230
Hath - 11/0/40 PvP 1 TrailerPriest09-07-2933-4357
Hathlól 1Warlock09-12-13421-5804
Hathlól 1 - low-qualityWarlock09-12-1372-6870
Hathlól 1 - part 2Warlock09-12-14206-9095
Hathlól 1 - TeaserWarlock09-11-30141-7781
Heigan the Unclean by South ParkMage09-02-09660-1755
How To Cast While RunningDruid10-07-05115-72844
Howto Guide: Getting to The Black ForgWarrior11-11-0243-19408
Howto Guide: Receive the Midnight MounWarrior11-10-1242-3682
Iggy vs Morrowgar 10Paladin10-01-06339-3898
Ignotos vs Anub 25Paladin09-12-06278-3805
Illidan Stormrage - 5 Man.Multiple10-01-21143-13969
Illusion kills Baleroc - NO GUIDE, RenWarrior11-07-16280-3085
Illusion kills Ragnaros - Natoar's PoVPaladin11-10-20219-2456
Illusion kills Shannox - NO GUIDE, RenWarrior11-08-091170-3456
Illusion VS OmnitronDeathknight11-07-1082-2241
Invective versus Al'Akir(10)Mage11-01-20184-3094
Invective vs Magmaw(10) HeroicMage11-04-19410-6138
Kastagris - POM Phyro mage PvP TBCMage11-07-1116-4937
Knights of Heaven diary - Karazhan VolMultiple08-08-15191-1860
Korchi Warrior PVP Part 1Warrior09-11-09126-5852
Magifoo 70 Mage S2Mage07-08-092393.889455
Magmaw(10) by InvectiveMage11-01-16232-2531
Malygos solo by Shadow PriestPriest12-01-15530-4226
Metamorphosis Warlock - Stratholme BarWarlock08-11-101563.426591
Mortuus- 70 Rogue PvP movieRogue07-07-2859-1578
Nenzo and Xarioo 2 - Mage and Rogue PvMage10-03-10624-263601
Onyxia fightDruid08-06-2188-1823
Perkunos - Firelands TripShaman11-07-20312-4250
Perkunos - I am not preparedShaman11-06-14570-3957
Protectors of Elune Vs. SolarianShaman08-01-23273-3615
Purple Pixels vs Al'Akir (10m)Mage11-05-12953-3451
Qexos pvp 2Rogue09-04-245703.047096
Qexos pvp1Rogue09-02-219133.948603
Receiving the legendary Thunderfury, BWarrior11-09-2761-4216
RK Vs. BrutallusRogue08-07-0955-3666
RK Vs. IllidanRogue08-03-14198-3282
RK Vs. KalecgosRogue08-05-0231-2758
Rogue Soloing Baron RivendareRogue07-06-16182.767525
Running While Casting 2 (Every Race)Warlock10-07-07110-122544
Sanguine Sleep vs 10m ultraxion HeroicWarrior12-08-16729-4543
Sartharion 2d 25 man - Alpha AllianceDruid09-04-09251-3556
Scolarion: Discipline / Mutilate 2v2Priest08-07-164393.8914310
Scolarion: Discipline / Mutilate 2v2Priest08-07-16439-3575
Slave pens 400k/hr non-rested. 60-70 iDruid08-04-021834.1528935
Smatz FuriousWarrior11-04-06236-4140
The Faces With Which We PlayUnknown11-09-1070-6347
The Legend of StalvanMultiple08-05-071703.784208
The Moon goddess Vs KillroggUnknown11-03-13163-6561
Total Annhilitation in KarazhanPaladin08-03-24662-1747
Tour 1 - Warrior pvpWarrior12-08-19336-4142
Unchained Vs Halion 25 NormalMultiple10-07-14365-2372
Voodoo ChildShaman11-05-10175-4669
Warcraft 3 RoC Opening Cinematic remakUnknown10-07-0476-9096
Warlock Solo Guide: Attumen the HuntsmWarlock10-10-24503-6172
Warlock Solo Guide: How to, Molten CorWarlock10-11-01138-11270
Warlock Solo Guide: How To, Molten CorWarlock10-11-11132-5126
Warlock Solo Guide: How to, Molten CorWarlock10-11-11109-4325
[Patch 4.3] - Warriors are the King ofWarrior12-02-07311-5883