Server view : Nagrand

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
(Patch 5.04) Easy World of Warcraft GoWarrior12-09-0126-8424
Achaedas Quad-boxedMultiple10-08-1425-2957
Al'Akir by Pandora Nagrand-EU holy priPriest11-01-24933-7189
Ascendant Council 25man Pandora NagranPriest11-02-0293-3981
Asylum Vs. LeoRogue08-04-2497-2071
Bm hunter and holy paladin 2v2'sHunter12-11-04257-8130
Charlie the TaurenDruid12-08-0932-3266
Chimaeron by Pandora Nagrand-EU holy pPriest11-01-21716-10305
Cho'gall 25man Pandora Nagrand-EU holyPriest11-02-02127-4661
Cho'gall by Pandora Nagrand-EU holy prPriest11-01-27123-2598
Crainer 2 World PvPHunter11-07-04750-66005
Crainer World PvPHunter11-03-03758-47854
Dahaka Arcane mage PvPMage10-05-03154-6633
Dahaka Fire Destruction - TrailerMage10-09-28127-4836
Dahaka Frost mage Reloaded - The UltimMage10-09-13946-4393
Death by ePeenHunter08-01-161771.523727
Delenor 3Warrior08-07-227453.3835505
Dertyq #1Hunter11-03-06315-30646
Fail ptr video lolUnknown09-07-31226-4259
First Arena montage - DárkKnight EU NaDeathknight11-04-25253-10893
Flame Leviathan Kill - Old SchoolMultiple09-06-26158-5002
FOXXYSTAB 1 The Beggining Rogue PVP CaRogue13-12-21735-8384
Frost/Pyro PvPMage08-08-143212.465413
Galathea v Deathbringer SaurfangMultiple10-01-06332-2793
Galathea v Gunship BattleMultiple10-01-14348-3581
Galathea v Lady DeathwhisperMultiple10-01-08593-4078
Givemefire Fire PvP / MachinimaMage13-01-07333-4222
Givemefire Fire PvP and Givemefrost prMage13-02-02275-4592
Greenday Life in AzorothShaman11-03-0874-2956
Heretic Nagrand EU Observed 25 PlayerMultiple09-11-23399-5972
Imperium Nagrand[EU] Vs. Yogg SaronDeathknight09-05-085144.606146
Imperium vs Ascendant Council 25man HCWarlock11-06-24932-2573
Imperium Vs Cho'gall [Nagrand EU]Priest11-05-24474-3184
Imperium Vs Heroic Atramedes 25 WarlocWarlock11-03-02310-4540
Imperium Vs Heroic Chimaeron 25 WarlocWarlock11-01-28118-3958
Imperium Vs Heroic Conclave of Wind 25Warlock11-04-01246-4256
Imperium Vs Heroic Halfus Wyrmbreaker Warlock11-01-21427-3484
Imperium Vs Heroic Lich King 25 WarlocWarlock10-09-27275-9839
Imperium Vs Heroic Magmaw 25 Warlock PWarlock11-03-10359-5410
Imperium Vs Heroic Maloriak 25 WarlockWarlock11-02-13400-5424
Imperium Vs Heroic Nefarian 25 WarlockWarlock11-05-17383-7009
Imperium Vs Heroic Omnotron Defense SyWarlock11-03-26282-4001
Imperium Vs Heroic Valiona & TheralionWarlock11-04-08344-5057
Imperium Vs Sinestra 25 Warlock PoVWarlock11-06-01555-9710
Imperium vs. Horridon 25HShaman13-04-05540-3037
Imperium Vs. Mimiron [Hardmode]Deathknight09-06-04402-4346
Imperium Vs. NaxxramasDeathknight08-12-093574.1511572
Imperium [Nagrand EU] Vs Chimaeron HerPriest11-02-23358-2620
Imperium [Nagrand EU] Vs Magmaw HeroicPriest11-03-11473-2802
Imperium [Nagrand EU] Vs NefarianPriest11-05-12838-3614
Imperium [Nagrand EU] Vs OmnotronPriest11-03-22147-2429
Karazhan Run ARFRogue08-07-01165-2702
Karazhan: Death of IllhoofMultiple08-01-02100-1608
Karma vs Freya (Undead Edition)Paladin09-05-31276-4706
Karma vs MimironPaladin09-06-10411-4723
Karma Vs. Hodir (Helicopter Edition)Paladin09-05-16296-3620
Karma Vs. Iron Council (HL Edition)Paladin09-05-10369-2161
Karma Vs. Kologarn (HL Edition)Paladin09-05-09192-2765
Karma Vs. Razorscale (Gnome Edition)Paladin09-05-09274-3306
Karma Vs. XT-002 DeconstructorPaladin09-05-18148-2930
Loyalist Guild: 3.1 Raid MovieMultiple09-07-2899-3730
Mage with Mojo - Faction changeMage10-12-0255-2979
Magmaw 10 Man TacticsWarlock11-03-1174-5635
Magmaw 25man by Pandora Nagrand-EU holPriest11-01-2983-3050
MoP Shockadin PvP - It's fun to be OvePaladin12-07-09494-16173
Mutiny Vs IC HMWarrior09-07-31278-5945
Nethas Mage PvPMage08-04-23971.643595
Old School Slaps Kael'Thas (Nagrand EUDruid08-02-25209-2369
Renaissance Vs. "Make quick werk of hiWarlock09-01-2770-5949
Resto SHaman/Destro Lock 2s 2.2+Warlock12-03-1320-4343
Revolution Nagrand EU in Blackwing DesHunter11-01-2298-2679
Revolution Nagrand EU in Blackwing DesHunter11-01-27113-3571
Rogue mage arena 0-1700Rogue11-01-28308-23311
Sadistic PvPMage08-07-263452.935167
Short arena movie from HUNGARYRogue12-10-1678-4898
Silentarrow vol III - MM hunter PvPHunter13-07-13466-6487
Sin vs GruulRogue11-12-04385-29796
Sinestra Orb Kiting GuideWarlock11-05-2866-22958
Smoothcrime - 2300/2400 mmr RMPPriest10-08-01479-12808
Sonny 4 - FeralDruid08-11-135324.66140861
Stef 2 Arena TournamentRogue12-03-03773-7371
Storming the CitadelMultiple10-01-21634-4284
The Deceived VS AtramedesShaman11-03-28309-3225
The House - A WoW small Machinima HDUnknown10-05-0920-4658
The Vitality, CataclysmPriest12-07-191277-4857
The Vitality, WarthPriest12-07-19917-2800
Tribute to Insanity 10 + Anub'Arak ZerMultiple10-02-05237-4447
Ulduar Archivum - 25 Man ICC mount achWarlock11-03-15296-7850
Unholyhate v SaphironDeathknight11-01-26364-4278
Usyn 3v3 + 2v2Rogue08-02-286472.8317130
Usynligepind 2v2 VindicationRogue07-12-151994.226269
Valiona and Theralion 25man Pandora NaPriest11-02-02103-3161
Valiona and Theralion by Pandora Priest11-01-2095-2784
Vedoc Edits - Mini Montage // OverEditWarlock13-01-2623-4078
VedocGamer MoP arena 3v3 KFC Comb warrHunter12-11-07416-5157
Warrior PvP 4.3.4Warrior12-08-15248-14448
WoW MoP Patch 5.1 - Windwalker Monk GeMultiple13-01-24190-7138
WoW PvP 116 Killing blows Patch 4.3.4 Warrior12-08-1530-7924
WoW PvP 2v2 Arena's MoP 5.1 Rogue, RetRogue13-01-10164-7993