Server view : Shattered Halls

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
Aizweed 1st machinima projectRogue10-01-2571-3935
Alar + Solara - Draidres Holy World RPPriest08-10-06730-2766
Alar + Solara - Draidres Holy World RPPriest08-10-04730-2291
Alar + Solara - Draidres Holy World RPPriest08-09-29730-2966
Calamitous Intent - Shattered Halls(EuDruid09-04-23387-1949
Double frost noobsMage12-04-12288-4599
Draidres Holy WorldPriest08-07-16651-3015
Draidres Holy World 2Priest08-07-18286-3162
Draidres Holy World 3 Kael`ThasPriest08-11-07766-2766
Draidres Holy World RPG Edition ( VoidPriest08-07-31337-3140
Dude, What's My Class?Unknown09-08-28114-72753
Fallen Heroes - MimironMultiple09-08-17416-4550
Festergut Vs. MEANRogue10-04-2457-3955
Fiqure 1Rogue10-12-08325-6760
Goodbye AzerothMultiple10-12-13139-24362
Heart of a WorgenMultiple11-01-2882-6105
Kaganis I - TeaserDruid11-08-1339-5267
Kaganis I - Teaser IIDruid11-09-1818-3930
Kochs - The DeadminesMultiple07-12-11903.676847
Kreml High vs Blood-queen - Heroic 25Rogue10-03-03200-10795
Kreml High vs Festergut - heroic 25Multiple10-02-26174-7101
Kreml High vs Lich King, 25 normal.Multiple10-02-09464-48078
Kreml High vs Lich King, Retarded versRogue10-02-1281-13921
Kreml High vs Saurfang - Hardmode 25Rogue10-02-24186-6569
Lich King 10 Normal OCUKRogue10-04-28173-6240
LK 10man "pug" Part 1Priest10-06-05230-2779
Mage/spriest 2400-2500 ratingMage11-04-05120-4785
Makna - Fire Mage PvPMage11-04-30847-6530
Mamut - The Massacre [Rogue 80 PvP]Rogue11-07-23288-33431
Momentum on Shattered Halls EU - ICC 1Shaman10-01-24140-4978
Momentum on Shattered Halls EU - ICC 1Shaman10-02-04165-5769
Momentum vs. ArchimondeShaman08-08-1249-2782
Obelius the DoomsayerWarlock12-07-12946-7310
OcUK 25m Lich King NormalShaman10-05-05123-4744
Reunion Vs. Shade of AkamaDruid08-05-2292-4578
Sensory 4 rogue pvpRogue09-07-22271-25162
Shaman Mage 2v2Unknown10-01-0765-8009
Skylinesk Frostmage PvPMage08-09-212642.633839
Skyward Retribution PvPPaladin08-04-085462.4415124
The Black Temple - 2DWarrior10-03-2130-53042
The Firestorm Vs. Reliquary Of SoulsWarrior08-10-09109-2569
Uzo - Elemental pvp 4.0.1Shaman10-10-2458-21617
Uzo 85 Elemental Shaman PvPShaman11-01-14134-9474
Wheetos 1 MirrorsRogue13-02-241494-3220
Wheetos 2.0Rogue13-02-2562-4172
wow pvp rogue 80Rogue09-08-0253-6446
Wutlol 4: Mutilate Rogue PvPRogue09-07-0347-81997
“Lich King doesn't got a parachute!”Warlock10-03-2226-4656