Server view : The Sha'tar

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
(WD) Scourge OffensiveMultiple09-02-0911-10357
25 man MaexxnaShaman09-02-1498-4323
Darkwind Scourge (First gathering)Multiple09-01-1424-10029
End of Essence Part 1Multiple08-01-23232.866761
End of Essence Part 2Multiple08-01-241853.649182
Essence Hallows EndMultiple08-02-11434.179632
For HerPaladin08-08-0626-2078
Fraternity Vs. Kel'thuzadShaman09-01-04201-4848
Fraternity Vs. MalygosShaman09-03-13213-7046
Jangu's Adventures: GnomereganHunter07-07-063664.9512241
Jhaafun Destro Lock BG feat Bouden, MaWarlock12-09-09269-4900
Krisom PvP (Beta)Death Knight09-03-2689-3524
Obscure vs Cho'gall 25 manWarrior11-03-25237-10689
Owned by a GnomeWarrior11-09-07306-5664
PvP - Oileer The PaladinPaladin12-01-17207-4673
Revenge of Wrath gateDeath Knight09-04-028-9549
Revenge of Wrath gateDeath Knight09-04-0217-4296
Rickion 85 Affliction Warlock - Chaos Warlock11-09-09262-9753
Rogues do it from behind (EU Second PlMultiple08-06-12814.8818481
Siorn Vs. OnyxiaDeath Knight09-02-01440-3621
Techno-Co Xai ArchrionRogue09-12-0346-15580
The Adventures of Thaddius Gallina - PUnknown09-02-021054.776209
The Blasted WarMultiple08-09-26353.8918835
The Bloodsail Elite songMultiple09-01-21372.679787
The Captured ExarchMultiple08-01-23683.1910209
The Captured Exarch Part 2 TrailerMultiple08-01-2772.948990
The Essence: Azuremyst IsleMultiple08-01-21332.427364
The Essence: MenethilMultiple08-01-22303.635930
The Rise of a Champion: The Scepter ofWarrior11-03-09767-16703
the Story of Meinard GregoryHunter11-06-1246-5235
The Thousand Eyes : Gehumn's ReturnMultiple10-12-2353-5263
The Unbroken journey - DragonsoulMultiple12-09-111650-7922
Thunder Axe War Event TrailerMultiple11-02-28191-54980
Trailer - Veteran of the Shifting SandUnknown13-10-22149-17678
Tribute to Cold As Ice (The Sha'tar)Multiple10-02-17137-13281
Unbroken vs Brackenspore HeroicShaman15-02-22705-8191
Unbroken vs Imperator Mar'gok HeroicShaman15-03-281229-23417
Unbroken vs Ko'ragh HeroicShaman15-02-27777-6641
Unbroken vs Madness (Arms PoV)Warrior12-01-20210-5019
Unbroken vs The Butcher HeroicShaman15-02-22503-10657
Vanguard vs Majordomo (Arms PoV)Multiple11-08-1465-6021
Veteran of the Shifting Sands - Part 1Unknown13-10-24249-22943
Veteran of the Shifting Sands - Part 2Unknown13-10-25138-12888
Veteran of the Shifting Sands - Part 3Unknown13-10-30234-9030
Veteran of the Shifting Sands - Part 4Unknown13-11-05156-14840
Vitala 60 twink Solo rampsPaladin10-11-07127-7151
Warsong Defensive Event TrailerMultiple09-01-27464.2637204
Warsong Defensive PrologueMultiple10-01-26112-15491
What's up, Essence!?Rogue08-01-19153.0910290
Wild Child: The Eye part 1Warlock08-07-26189-3189
Windwalker BG fun (patch 5.2 & 5.3)Multiple13-08-06465-8098
Windwalker pvp 5.2 is a jokeMonk13-04-02155-14411
Windwalker pvp 5.2-5.4.2 Random clipsMonk14-05-07399-14422
Windwalker Pvp 5.2: BG fun!Monk13-04-19517-10150
Windwalker Pvp 5.4 teaserMonk13-11-1554-19706
World of NOOB TrailerMultiple10-04-052-9374
Yogg-Saron - Hand Of Vengeance First KHunter09-07-01409-7977