Server view : Shattered Hand

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
2600+ Feral Druid Arena(cataclysm), VaDruid10-12-21587-174740
8/8 DS Hunter (DK PVP Video) The GrindHunter06-04-13644.6284651
8/8 DS Hunter World PVP (Sequal to DK Hunter06-05-231374.0849474
Abub - WOTLK TrailerPriest09-05-101604.4512035
Abub 12 trailerPriest10-06-11121-9024
Abub 2Priest07-12-093944.1815915
Abub 3- Shadow priest, Double WarglaivPriest08-02-063413.2237343
Abub 4Priest08-03-134533.7512015
Abub 5- Smite PvPPriest08-04-064133.7919812
Abub 7 re uploadPriest15-08-21354-12740
Abub 8 Shadow & Disc 2500-2700 MMRPriest09-08-18401-42678
Abub7- Shadow PVP- Dpriest/lock 2v2 22Priest08-07-263543.9452996
Adventures of a Lowbie part 2Rogue05-01-28503.598379
Adventures of a Lowbie Part 3Rogue05-02-25983.9010860
Alliances Most WantedHunter05-04-221274.85182764
Archlite's 2v2 Mage/Priest vid- PriestPriest09-10-01578-11091
Asylum Vs. Maiden of VirtueMage07-03-1741-2365
Asylum Vs. Opera EventMage07-03-18135-1993
Athene's Warrior Hits Number One in USWarrior09-02-0462.2150742
Aussie Raiders Vs. Kaz'RogalWarlock08-08-27168-3498
Bat In IronforgePaladin05-10-25103.665513
Battlemaster Oshana Prot Warrior, HalfWarrior09-10-26376-17971
BEER Guild Void Reaver Wipe/KillPriest08-07-13155-1737
Bringing ChaosWarlock06-12-29111-3064
Brutal Gladiator Diziet does TRDruid09-03-065513.2748649
Bugged PoM!Mage06-05-1584.605259
Burning Crusade - Cinematic TerrainWarrior06-12-105214.366658
Carrastealth - Rogue Movie Trailer PreRogue12-06-2913-5298
Carrastealth 80 vs 85Rogue12-06-18272-2849
Cataclysm: Alpha Exploration The MovieMultiple10-07-011898-147913
Clockwerk - 25man H Alysrazor (Pally TMultiple11-11-10474-5300
Clockwerk - 25man H Hagara the StormbiMultiple11-12-20365-3633
Clockwerk - 25man H Morchok (Pally TanMultiple12-03-10314-3667
Clockwerk - 25man Ragnaros (Pally TankMultiple11-10-15474-2851
Clockwerk vs. Madness of Deathwing 25-Hunter11-12-03212-6545
Decimation Vs. Prince MelchezaarMage07-02-21202-3324
Dementia Vs. Lady VashjRogue08-02-06206-2181
Destruction takes zero skillWarlock09-05-232252.3530916
Disciples of the Blade Vs. High AstromShaman07-12-02342-2902
Disciples of the Blade Vs. Lady VashjShaman07-12-22319-3204
Disciples of the Blade vs. Leotheras tShaman07-11-19320-2899
Disciples of the Blade Vs. Morogrim TiShaman07-11-28350-2883
Diziet Brutal Gladiator 2300 Preview 2Druid09-02-192233.5835093
Draek 1 - 2600+ rated Prot WarWarrior09-10-25644-164793
Dreks PvP RogueRogue07-10-211273.114227
Drop it like its hot - Moonkin MixDruid06-03-29354.3918286
Efface PvP VideoHunter08-02-21196-3287
Ego vs. Al'akir, 2 healedPaladin11-05-2685-3960
Enhancement PVP - Mylittlegoat 4Shaman08-07-182762.9280297
Entox - The Blur of BlueRogue08-11-124964.254744
Evade Vs. Reliquary of SoulsWarrior08-06-16352-10961
Exlater Fire & Frost PvPMage07-11-18240-6991
Fatty's Thug Cleave Montage #2 (Patch Hunter15-07-27274-6021
Gladiator Jordyo TR 3v3 TrailerPriest10-06-0736-26851
Gluth Zombie Kiting (Mage POV)Mage06-12-18129-3373
Good Bye Dual TrinketsMage06-03-2861-3026
Guide to killing King MagnisPriest05-05-16302.685625
Hearthstone: The Ultimate ExpansionUnknown14-02-21138-66915
Hellborn Vs. High Warlod Naj'entusPriest08-02-0158-1788
High King Maulgar - Druid Main TankDruid07-03-20106-7166
Hit List kills DruidPriest07-11-09204.113160
Hotforms #14 Unholy Death Knight 3v3 CDeathknight12-03-14417-7470
Hotforms #15, Restoration Druid Arena Druid12-04-221575-2494
Hotforms #18, Fire Mage CommentaryMage12-10-21228-3462
Hotforms #19, Fire Mage BG CommentaryMage12-12-20318-3931
Hotforms #20, Mage 2v2 CommentaryMage13-01-20420-5743
How fast can Armory be run?Mage07-07-04247-2228
How To Get Under Stormwing (and more!)Mage10-11-06239-6021
Human Warlock PvP - KirbYoWarlock05-10-232084.637720
Indomitable Vs. GluthPriest06-07-2048-2875
Indomitable Vs. HeiganPriest06-08-12109-2237
Indomitable Vs. NothWarlock06-06-30924.755908
Indomitable Vs. PatchwerkPriest06-07-2073-3166
Iron Curtain Vs. Kael'thasPriest08-08-16138-4228
Jayfer / Staz Double Movie 3v3 2700 MMMultiple10-08-13247-10561
Jayfer: Frost DK FunsiesDeathknight11-06-21203-29055
Jimmyc PvP 2 UnfortunateWarlock06-04-30195-3482
Jin'Do The Hexxer SoloPaladin08-11-041372.357759
Jordyo2 (Season6 priest/rogue)Priest09-10-04271-52062
Jordyo3: Gladiator Priest/RoguePriest10-05-2594-62502
Lasek 1 - Frost Fire PvPMage09-07-18354-16382
Lasek 2 - SpoilerMage09-11-1188-5755
Lvl 26 NE hunter vs lvl 60 undead roguHunter06-06-1713-6442
Mage Vs. Demonology Warlock By Yes (MaMage05-12-07293.166306
Mylittlegoat 5Shaman08-10-014543.4559931
Ogrima Shadow Priest PVP Shattered HanPriest06-05-2572-2664
Once Upon A Caster CompPriest09-10-04353-4431
Orack 3.5: 2700+ RMPRogue11-06-08419-9532
Os CombatFist PVPRogue06-05-212244.8219205
Oshana BG PvP 6, 85 Arms WarriorWarrior11-01-10617-98026
Pare Bellum Vs. Attumen the Huntsman aMage07-02-0674-3907
Pare Bellum Vs. GrobbulusMage06-12-26142-1765
Pare Bellum Vs. MagtheridonMage07-04-08345-5113
Pare Bellum Vs. Maiden of VirtueMage07-02-0743-3262
Pare Bellum Vs. MoroesMage07-02-0692-2974
Pare Bellum Vs. NetherspiteMage07-03-03110-4159
Pare Bellum Vs. Noth the PlaugebringerMage06-12-26217-2018
Pare Bellum Vs. Shade of AranMage07-03-01160-5923
Pare Bellum Vs. Teron GorefiendMage07-12-2148-3519
Pare Bellum Vs. The CuratorMage07-02-13132-5139
Pare Bellum Vs. The Lurker BelowMage07-06-20136-3614
Pare Bellum's Wizard of Oz OperaMage07-02-071374.8820913
Patch 6.2 Thug Cleave (The hard Swaps Hunter15-07-191822-6986
Prime Time 2 Vs. 2 - ArenaHunter07-10-19113-3531
Proxy v4Rogue11-08-12138-5922
Punchline - TrailerMultiple06-05-107-2880
PvP ActionPriest06-02-0838-3326
Random prot war PVPWarrior09-08-14173-7602
Random Rogue PvP VideoRogue07-01-12107-1869
Relentless Vs. Anetheron and Kaz'rogalDruid07-06-30706-12362
RelliK Sartharion 3DDeathknight09-02-03755-4063
Rettlè 1: Of the HeroRogue11-06-28724-3471
Revelation - TrailerUnknown06-05-29113.503396
Revenged of the gankedPaladin06-08-26241.003559
Rocket Boots 3 - Cheating DeathHunter08-01-1037-2609
Seed of Hate Movie TrailerWarrior14-02-1892-57587
Skorn - The Lower Spire (10m ICC)Deathknight10-07-20132-5491
Slow Fall fromMage06-10-02164.454273
Sodfow - TwinEmpsWarlock06-08-20293-2220
Sorrow Hill - Alliance styleMage05-08-121511.686571
Speed HackerRogue05-02-1218-7928
Sudden Violence vs MagmawMultiple11-01-15253-2232
Syrrage - PvPWarrior07-08-2299-6409
Tabul da VoodooPriest06-12-10166-1756
Terennas 59 Death Knight PvPDeathknight08-11-201241.2844540
The Adventures of Garthim and Tenaros Multiple07-08-17233.935160
The Graveyard SmashPaladin10-10-23280-5309
Tournament Realm Sub Rogue Gurubashi ARogue10-05-2283-6103
Uncut random bg destro funWarlock12-12-25376-6647
Warcraft - Inside The FireMultiple08-07-2257-4586
WarEnsemble Naxxramas CompilationMage06-12-092854.9210777
WarEnsemble VS. Maexxna!Paladin06-07-08103-3676
Warlock PvP--Shattered HandWarlock06-04-22146-2203
Warrior Sulfuras PVP non bgWarrior05-09-01532.7227982
Westfall eXtreme PvPPriest05-05-1662.167009
Whusch? Whats PvP?Rogue10-10-07370-9119
World of MutilatecraftRogue09-01-092022.1163235
World PvP is NOT Dead - Enlightened - Rogue10-06-05931-11012
World PvP part 1 (Orgrimmar Takeover)Hunter06-10-14854.7212479
World PvP part 2 (A Satsloader ProductHunter06-10-11704.464990
WOTLK LVL 80 Warrior: Battlemaster OshWarrior14-07-31104-7094
Yida - Dueling nakedMage08-11-032034.365628