Server view : La Croisade Ă©carlate

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
Acheron previewRogue08-09-15243-5840
Alfâ/Hâyzena pvp Bg War/palWarrior09-11-2682-7164
All boss inside Mana-tombsPaladin07-02-031334.174805
Arcane Mage 2000+ Dps Solo On Dr.DoomMage08-06-29482.5020590
Asu / Hard Rogue Mage ArenaRogue07-12-151963.4524689
Asu PVP 2Rogue08-03-125714.4195517
Asu PvP VideoRogue07-12-052203.6431661
Aube Rouge vs Halfus brise-wyrmPriest11-01-12389-3128
Aube Rouge Vs. Norfendre Beasts HeroPriest09-09-1068-4935
Backtrack Death Knight Pvp Movie IDeathknight10-06-06461-13051
Bairangere PvP for Fun.Warrior07-08-052002.846476
Bazil & les Iry Twins - Commerce EquitUnknown10-06-28106-6413
Béhínd - 19 Rogue - DuelsRogue08-01-15151-2260
Behind the ShadowsRogue09-09-12212-7585
Best video ever. Michel pougnou Vs. MeRogue06-07-2251.314875
Biso warrion 70Warrior07-04-1881-3437
Claimi - Born For Tricks / TrailerMage11-07-30270-5653
Claimi - Born For Tricks / TrailerMage11-08-01270-5974
Compagnie Noire Vs elegon 10Shaman12-10-29609-3065
Compagnie Noire vs Mel'Jarak 10nmMonk12-11-27294-3730
COMPAGNIE NOIRE Vs STONE GUARD HMMultiple12-12-15710-4942
Enorial is backRogue07-06-2272-4108
Erase PvP Guild [FR]Multiple09-05-30362-5221
Euphoriax CapitalRiskRogue07-07-021522.172641
Event GurubashiShaman08-02-04217-2080
Exøtic vs. DeathBringer Saurfang 10Deathknight10-02-07291-5162
Forsaken Vs. The Lurker BelowMultiple07-06-242504.6920855
Gnomeregan - ExiledMultiple07-03-101784.384149
Guide Ragnaros pour palahealsPaladin11-07-28520-5318
Guilde Atlantis- Le Roi Liche - 10 NoDruid10-09-261547-5923
Guilde Atlantis- Professeur putricide Druid10-09-2788-4853
Guilde Atlantis- Reine de sang Lana'ThDruid10-09-2762-6136
Guilde Atlantis- Sindragosa - 10 NormaDruid10-09-2798-4935
Guilde Blood Arena - Rivages des ancieDruid10-11-12111-4118
Guilde Snor Kyz - Halfus - 10 NormalDruid11-01-23786-5435
Guilde Snor Kyz - Magmagueule - 10 NorDruid11-01-21121-6817
How to pwn a wow botHunter08-08-0618-3161
How to run through a boss ?Paladin07-01-2792.834588
JoR NoobHunter TwoHunter06-10-19452-3271
Kaalterak Pvp 2Paladin09-02-283544.1311853
Le Sang De La TerreMultiple10-04-1883-9584
Lhenalee TestRogue09-08-1573-6107
Mage Solo - Hero Magister Terrace as MMage09-05-153074.7526069
Maguxe pvpMage12-04-16523-2388
Maguxe Pvp IIMage12-04-18584-3228
Melda 1v2 arenasDruid07-04-262053.759822
Melda 2v2 1900+ and soloDruid07-04-163133.5512984
Melda 60vs62Druid07-01-29483-3230
Melodic Death Knight IDeathknight09-02-252844.2120781
Memories vs Heroic : HagaraPaladin12-03-02480-4874
Memories vs Heroic Warlord Zon'ozzPaladin12-01-10233-2869
Moonkin Rogue PvPDruid09-03-234004.3314803
Peuple du Village vs Plaie-de-NuitMultiple07-12-3157-2339
Présantation Guilde Forsaken Du ServeWarlock09-08-3151-5143
Rectricted vs Ra Den 10 man heroicWarrior13-06-11341-2063
Restricted vs Megaera 10 HCWarrior13-05-08342-7109
Sartharion 3 adds by FDTDDruid09-10-0193-11380
shadwows pvp 2Rogue11-04-261048-4398
shannox10h 13102011Warrior11-10-1533-4875
Shäz Chapter 1Rogue08-06-234654.6248222
Sinjan, Hunt 70, Arena and world PvPHunter07-05-203182.448459
Solarian Vs LK 10Druid10-06-09224-4721
Solarian Vs. Putricide25Warrior10-04-11126-5260
Suspicion Vs. Yor'Sahj 10 HCMage11-12-14135-20679
The Steamvault (Main healer Paly)Paladin07-02-18136-4262
The unknown power [part 1/2]Mage14-07-31551-8190
Trailer : Will Of The HeartUnknown10-11-0216-6648
Whirlwind Warrior IIWarrior08-05-162034.7420331
Zanà PvP 1Paladin09-11-1363-6577
[Paladin]Holy spec can't dps ? :(Paladin07-02-272493.196313