Server view : Whisperwind

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
100 man raid on IF - Part 2Warlock06-08-28273.959105
100 man raid on IF 1-guild only (The PWarlock06-08-262363.6737521
25H Siegecrafter Blackfuse - Hunter grHunter14-07-0539-26209
52 lock vs HetaeraWarlock06-03-2252-4176
6 Minute Malygos, well almost!Hunter09-02-02244-9865
Abyss Vs. Sartharion +1 Drake (TenebroHunter08-12-12194-12752
Action Nine News vs Anub'arakHunter09-09-07561-5750
Alana and Widgety, Priest and Warlock Priest10-01-08121-12129
Alpha of Whisperwind - Cho'gall (25)Warrior10-12-21578-28409
Alpha of Whisperwind vs Paragons of thDeathknight14-03-13890-15780
Alpha of Whisperwind vs Seigecrafter BDeathknight14-03-01544-10913
Alpha of Whisperwind vs Shannox 25m HeMage14-04-1491-11538
Alpha of Whisperwind vs Spoils of PandDeathknight14-02-08199-11634
Alpha of Whisperwind vs Thok the BloodMonk14-02-25145-14565
An Explosive EncounterUnknown16-01-1870-3175
Arcane Mage Guide 4.2 - 4.3Mage11-10-15182-6365
Attica versus OnyxiaMage09-09-26623-4630
Baleroc 10H vs The Cuppy CakesHunter11-09-03479-20235
Because of YouRogue06-10-28484.347195
Betty and MeUnknown07-05-08254.008628
Blah, Blah, BlahUnknown10-07-2792-14217
BotRE vs. Ragnaros.Mage05-09-14694.306657
Code MonkeyUnknown07-09-05274.7846032
Creepy DollUnknown07-04-30364.666159
Dancing WoW StyleUnknown08-03-05754.208190
EL Ninja Night! - NefarianWarrior06-08-12533.836152
Emergence 2 PvP (Elemental Mage)Mage06-08-213492.1212105
Emergence PvP - ElementalMage06-07-142702.504799
Fallen Ashes Vs. Mimiron (Heroic)Paladin09-05-22105-2159
First of MayUnknown07-04-30334.83292990
Frozen Death PVPMage11-08-31267-7637
How To Solo Molten Core as a Hunter - Hunter09-10-27103-8938
How To Solo Molten Core as a Hunter - Hunter09-10-2986-13628
How To Solo Molten Core as a Hunter - Hunter09-11-0586-11326
How To Solo Molten Core as a Hunter - Hunter10-02-1857-8260
How to Solo the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj as Hunter09-09-09652-20732
How to tame Ban'thalosHunter12-01-20276-6257
Hunter Solos Thunderfury Quest LineHunter09-10-16103-19388
I Feel FantasticUnknown07-08-22254.1845826
If I had a Murloc!Unknown06-08-3064.7663410
Jackbot Has Some FunHunter07-03-09114-1928
Just As Long As MeUnknown07-04-30204.445231
Leave Tankserious Alone!!Unknown09-02-2116-4748
Lich King 25 by Action 9 NewsHunter10-04-10270-36440
Lvl 60 Twink - Ret Paladin AVPaladin07-05-271073.8024277
Majordomo Staghelm 10H vs The Cuppy CaHunter11-08-2391-9918
Memorial to the Secret Places Not AcceMage05-12-0630-5658
Nobody Like You Ep 2Multiple09-11-2845-8144
Nobody Like You EP1Deathknight09-04-09204.7514552
Nobody Like You EP3Unknown09-11-2892-10606
Northrend NewsflashUnknown09-02-24164.197874
Obsolete vs. Herald of the TitansWarrior09-10-19173-12170
Ominous Latin Name Vs. High Warlord NaHunter08-08-15231-5449
Pet Tanking Nefarian Adds in Phase 1Hunter11-04-1429-26983
Pig Farmin ain't easy!Shaman12-01-28211-4902
Podsafe Christmas SongUnknown07-04-30254.7312169
Prot Pally Ragnaros solo killPaladin12-01-14739-5587
re: Your BrainsUnknown06-06-03384.3311840
Re: Your BrainsUnknown07-05-04384.255435
Relentless Vs. Beasts of NorthrendMultiple09-09-0375-3991
Retribution Paladin Specs 5.0.5 (GamepPaladin12-09-261209-8880
Rifle Lovin' 12Hunter08-05-302694.6327482
Sad Battle Pet DiaryUnknown14-04-07567-32153
Secrets of UlduarHunter09-08-22234-9794
Skullcrusher MountainUnknown07-04-30364.387006
Speed MonkeyUnknown07-04-30214.335299
The Big BoomUnknown07-10-18764.3822423
The Cuppy Cakes vs Alakir 10NHunter11-03-19509-4040
The Cuppy Cakes Vs Chogall 10NHunter11-03-24435-4984
The Cuppy Cakes vs Magmaw 10HHunter11-03-20739-5692
The Cuppy Cakes vs Nefarian 10N - RoguHunter11-04-02117-10170
The Cuppy Cakes vs Omnotron Defense SyHunter11-04-04673-8104
The Cuppy Cakes vs. Maloriak 10HHunter11-03-23140-5123
The Future SoonUnknown07-08-11584.8790110
Thinking Out LoudMultiple15-08-15519-7018
Thorrbo - Grand Marshal Paladin PvPPaladin06-08-221682.817419
Troll Shaman AdventureShaman04-12-161604.0314430
Turnipp 60 Gnome Rogue HemorrhageRogue06-10-0383-2237
We Are Warcraft Ep1Deathknight09-03-227-3760
Whoz - High Warlord- 1st VidRogue07-10-211052.753666
World of Warcraft - Magnasis IntroPaladin12-06-2448-4815
World of Warcraft Elitist GuyPaladin12-01-2623-5391
WoW Insider SongUnknown09-03-27234.019843