Server view : Chamber of Aspects

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
A Gnome RomanceUnknown10-01-20231-6118
Alienware Movie Contest: Rise To PowerMage10-01-2898-4415
Atramedes (25man) Axiom - Chamber of ARogue11-01-14179-1754
Axiom vs Al'Akir (10player)Priest11-02-05489-2136
Axiom vs Al'akir (25p)Priest11-03-09123-3553
Axiom vs Alysrazor (25p)Priest11-07-14191-1859
Axiom vs Ascendant Council (10player)Priest11-01-15371-1418
Axiom vs Ascendant Council (25)Priest11-02-08117-1559
Axiom vs Atramedes (10player)Priest11-01-10498-1213
Axiom vs Atramedes (25player)Priest11-01-18514-1397
Axiom vs Baleroc (25p)Priest11-07-08434-2004
Axiom vs Beth'tilac (25p)Priest11-07-04120-2448
Axiom vs Chimaeron (10player)Priest11-01-10338-1631
Axiom vs Cho'gall (10player)Priest11-01-23591-3008
Axiom vs Cho'gall (25)Priest11-02-22149-2764
Axiom vs Conclave of Wind (10player)Priest11-01-11293-1598
Axiom vs Dark Animus(10m)Priest13-03-20220-2776
Axiom vs Durumu(10m)Priest13-03-19411-2831
Axiom vs Fallen Protectors(10p)Priest13-09-14318-8992
Axiom vs Garrosh Hellscream(10m)Priest13-09-25502-37932
Axiom vs General Nazgrim(10)Priest13-09-15309-17009
Axiom vs Halfus Wyrmbreaker (10player)Priest11-01-11263-1509
Axiom vs Halfus Wyrmbreaker (25P)Priest11-01-14318-1471
Axiom vs Heroic Alysrazor (25p)Priest11-09-23685-2047
Axiom vs Heroic Atramedes (25p)Priest11-03-29111-2294
Axiom vs Heroic Beth'tilac (25p)Priest11-10-15520-1907
Axiom vs Heroic Chimaeron (10)Priest11-02-19461-2194
Axiom vs Heroic Cho'gall(10p)Priest11-10-301252-1972
Axiom vs Heroic Fallen Protectors(10m)Priest13-10-16236-5408
Axiom vs Heroic Galakras(10m)Priest13-10-16673-7508
Axiom vs Heroic Hagara (25p)Priest12-01-17125-2226
Axiom vs Heroic Halfus Wyrmbreaker (25Priest11-03-02429-2029
Axiom vs Heroic Horridon(10m)Priest13-05-11505-5031
Axiom vs Heroic Immerseus(10m)Priest13-10-16204-5208
Axiom vs Heroic Iron Juggernaut(10m)Priest13-10-16179-8195
Axiom vs Heroic Kor'kron Dark Shaman(1Priest13-10-23209-12314
Axiom vs Heroic Madness of Deathwing (Priest12-04-211885-4442
Axiom vs Heroic Magmaw (25p)Priest11-05-17131-1964
Axiom vs Heroic Majordomo Staghelm (25Priest11-10-02590-2246
Axiom vs Heroic Malkorok(10m)Priest13-10-30127-9696
Axiom vs Heroic Morchok (25)Priest11-12-12908-16965
Axiom vs Heroic Norushen(10m)Priest13-10-16166-4657
Axiom vs Heroic Omnotron Defense SystePriest11-05-17132-3225
Axiom vs Heroic Sha of Pride(10m)Priest13-10-16410-14162
Axiom vs Heroic Shannox (25p)Priest11-08-02430-2634
Axiom vs Heroic Spine of Deathwing (10Priest12-04-211397-1975
Axiom vs Heroic Ultraxion(10p)Priest12-04-21745-1410
Axiom vs Heroic Warmaster Blackhorn (1Priest12-04-21931-1888
Axiom vs Heroic Yor'sahj (25p)Priest12-02-08153-3126
Axiom vs Heroic Zon'ozz (10p)Priest12-02-24767-2745
Axiom vs Horridon(10man)Priest13-03-10500-6636
Axiom vs Iron Juggernaut(10)Priest13-09-14307-5823
Axiom vs Jin'rokh the Breaker (10m)Priest13-03-10202-3897
Axiom vs Lei shen(10m)Priest13-03-28473-4140
Axiom Vs Magmaw (10player)Priest11-01-10370-1367
Axiom vs Magmaw (25player)Priest11-01-14126-1463
Axiom vs Majordomo Staghelm (25p)Priest11-07-24634-2395
Axiom vs Maloriak (10player)Priest11-01-10337-1388
Axiom vs Maloriak (25player)Priest11-01-14122-1438
Axiom vs Megaera(10m)Priest13-03-16372-3118
Axiom vs Nefarian (10player)Priest11-02-16142-2072
Axiom vs Nefarian (25p)Priest11-03-15148-2579
Axiom vs Norushen(10)Priest13-09-14296-5692
Axiom vs Omnotron Defense System (10plPriest11-01-10520-1365
Axiom vs Omnotron Defense System (25plPriest11-01-09510-1373
Axiom vs Paragons of the Klaxxi(10)Priest13-09-19355-17047
Axiom vs Primordius(10m)Priest13-03-20349-3050
Axiom vs Ragnaros (10p)Priest11-08-03683-3053
Axiom vs Sha of Pride(10)Priest13-09-14299-4142
Axiom vs Shannox (25p)Priest11-07-03561-2217
Axiom vs Siegecrafter Blackfuse(10)Priest13-09-19310-5898
Axiom vs Sinestra (10p)Priest11-12-261014-2071
Axiom vs Spoils of Pandaria(10)Priest13-09-19373-4226
Axiom vs Thok the Bloodthirsty(10)Priest13-09-19326-6629
Axiom vs Tortos(10m)Priest13-03-10295-5351
Axiom vs Valiona and Theralion (10playPriest11-01-12402-1176
Axiom vs Valiona and Theralion (25playPriest11-01-20536-1745
Axion Vs Chimaeron 25 manRogue11-01-26557-2191
Basic guide to movie making on a macPriest10-01-15160-7808
Burning Crescent Anub'arak 10(hc)Multiple09-11-10105-2232
Burning Crescent Anub'arak 25manMultiple09-11-15273-2296
Burning Crescent Faction Champions 25Multiple09-11-15303-2354
Burning Crescent Faction Champions UpMultiple09-12-06384-3290
Burning Crescent Lord Jaraxxus 25manMultiple09-11-14176-2398
Burning Crescent Mimiron 25manMultiple09-11-1887-2867
Burning Crescent TrainMultiple09-11-1677-2605
Burning Crescent Twin Val'kyr 25manMultiple09-11-1596-2402
Burning Crescent Nothrend Beasts 25manMultiple09-11-1630-2444
Chamber Of Aspect - SAGA Vs Rotface ICPaladin10-06-09168-2467
Close Wrathful Ret Paladin PvPPaladin10-11-131484-6348
Conspire vs Madness of Deathwing 10 HeShaman12-02-11241-3613
Ele shammy 2v2 Misery BattlegroupShaman09-10-21421-16036
Etips IV Death Occurs - TrailerRogue10-11-12150-2283
Festergut 10 - Burning CrescentMultiple10-01-16263-2999
Festergut 10Man WarlockWarlock10-03-07195-3405
Festerguts 25 and 10 man - EmarosaMage10-02-07191-3644
Fire and Sub - Geneticlol and Sokrias Multiple10-11-08135-2754
For The Horde!Druid09-11-0857-5821
Geneticlol 3 - They call me rogueRogue10-05-05144-4535
Geneticlol 4 Shadow/Rogue short ~2350Rogue10-09-26293-9410
Geneticlol 6.5 - Fire Mage PvP - WatchMage11-01-1788-8464
Geneticlol Leftover ClipsRogue11-11-2983-7808
Geneticlol Season 7 Nostalgia ClipsRogue11-10-11111-11905
Geneticlols thaughts: WOTLK as it shouRogue10-10-0877-3693
halfus wyrmbreaker 25 man Axiom - ChaRogue11-01-14101-1590
Herald Volazj downed in 14 secMultiple10-01-3021-12776
How to get into org AH as ANY CLASS!Unknown11-04-12104-4898
How to get into org AH as WarlockUnknown11-04-1076-4088
How TO: Solo Onyxia as ENHANCEMENTShaman09-03-122204.259088
HXC - Ragnaros 10 Man Normal ModeShaman11-09-07107-3422
Level 80 Rogue PvP MutilateRogue10-07-07377-7908
Lich King 10m Burning CrescentMultiple10-04-09118-3700
Lord Marrowgar ICC 25manWarlock10-03-05226-4011
lvl 80 Elemental Shaman in 3.0.2Shaman08-12-184022.2165835
Maloriak (25man) Axiom - Chamber of AsRogue11-01-09127-2326
My UI! (LUI)Paladin11-02-24133-9410
Naxxramas - Sub RosaMage09-02-11201-2818
Naxxramas 25 - Enhancement Shaman POVShaman09-02-224234.0811535
nefarian hc 10 manPriest11-12-12201-16321
NemezÝs: My favourite mining spot.Paladin11-02-27155-9700
Night Elf Feral Druid PvP | Random CliDruid12-01-13500-3439
Nocturnal Fear vs Anub'arak - ToGC10 (Shaman09-11-18169-6690
Nord vs RazorscalePaladin09-06-29268-2932
Nord Vs. AuriayaPaladin09-07-03345-3142
Paintball PvPWarrior11-03-29154-2677
Penance 10 man - Professor Putricide KRogue10-01-16225-3196
Professor Putricide 10manWarlock10-03-15346-3651
Professor Putricide 25 man - EmarosaMage10-02-04126-2716
Protection Paladin: Cooldowns & abilitPaladin11-02-2356-5405
Protection Paladin: The rotationsPaladin11-02-2285-12132
Retribution Light. comming soon...Paladin09-07-1161-8787
RpR AT - High competitive teamRogue12-04-21251-1521
Sartharion 3DMage09-02-1192-4533
Sartharion 3D - 10 ManMage09-02-17190-7462
Sartharion 3D - Clear Kill - SubrosaMage09-02-17132-5288
Shaddyd and Geneticlol TrailerRogue10-04-2028-6492
Silence VS Lich King 25Multiple11-06-16212-2586
Sindragosa Part1 10m Burning CrescentMultiple10-03-23274-3145
Sindragosa Part2 10m Burning CrescentMultiple10-03-2397-3292
Sub Rosa vs Lord JaraxxusWarrior09-11-02264-3571
The Lonely FeralDruid10-10-011145-4214
The Tale of HawkeyePaladin11-05-031667-32315
Tr¨est˛ry PvPPriest10-04-26127-4581
Ugglanuno 1 64-66 mage pvp short.Mage10-06-16119-2205
Valithria 25 - EmarosaMage10-02-06508-2935
Watch the best mage EU solo Hagara Hc Mage12-02-15153-3562
Wemox - Windfury Berserk PvPShaman09-09-25157-20243
World of Warcraft Music VideoMultiple10-01-0826-4017
WoW Short - ClassistMultiple09-10-3032-7654