Server view : Aggramar

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
(TBC) Shaman Elemental AOE Grinding - Shaman07-01-241193.5748250
1700 Rogue VS Many Frost Mages as GladRogue12-04-05260-5686
2v2 Rogue MoonkinDruid10-07-21386-7445
3.3 elemental shaman dps test!Shaman10-02-2534-7896
Aggramar - home of LitleoneMage09-09-0895-6331
Amaru FarewellRogue06-05-27254-3357
An Audience with MalandoWarrior07-07-1748-5502
An Fianna ICC 25 11/12 CompilationPaladin10-04-30213-5584
An Fianna ICC25 (n) CompilationPaladin10-05-15665-5522
An Fianna vs. Lich King ICC25NMage10-05-10239-5712
Anub'arak 10 man heroic modePaladin09-09-0974-9790
Anub'arak 10 man heroic mode by DeepruPaladin09-09-0759-8760
Anub'arak 25HC Aggramar Server First bMultiple09-11-22388-3939
Arathi Basin with ArrowinyoassHunter13-05-05631-24079
ArcMage/Boomkin - lowrated vs highrateMage10-07-2723-5028
Arena mashup!Warrior11-09-26233-7028
Arena Montage with ArrowinyoassHunter13-05-17442-28865
BC Vs. WoTLK vol.1Warrior08-10-04150-7265
BC Vs. WoTLK vol.2Warrior08-10-05111-8787
Bear Asses (WoW Machinima)Mage15-12-14268-9348
Behind the greymane wallUnknown06-11-0527-3914
Biggrin - BloodlustRogue06-07-15923.936719
Blackwing Descent - Magmaw (Loyalty UnWarlock11-01-07184-9586
BloodBund vs. GruulShaman07-12-10112-4638
Broken Home [WoW Machinima]Warrior15-12-1853-10444
Ced's carver Vs. Merciless gladiator'sRogue07-12-031722.819022
Celluloid is lookingDruid09-11-2042-7821
Chaos Theory - Valithria DreamwalkerShaman10-03-03212-5482
Character CreationRogue12-07-196-7967
Chronicles of Wheee: Volume 3 - ArtisaHunter06-08-29125-2978
Chronicles of Wheee: Volume I - KitingHunter06-08-28473.805206
Climax Vs. HodirDeathknight09-05-17448-2438
Condition vs Fàithful - Rogue vs RogueRogue10-05-1498-5187
Critical massMage07-04-222232.815312
Critical ReloadedMage07-05-131723.384633
CURSED vs Romulo and JulianneWarlock07-09-23127-3653
CURSED Vs. 3 first bosses in KarazhanWarlock07-10-26127-3826
CURSED Vs. Akil'ZonWarlock08-03-15136-4207
CURSED Vs. Big Bad WolfWarlock08-02-11101-3733
CURSED Vs. NightbaneWarlock08-02-01152-3699
CURSED Vs. Prince MalchezaarWarlock07-09-18127-3431
CURSED Vs. Shade of AranWarlock07-10-04127-2905
CURSED Vs. Terestian IllhoofWarlock07-09-24127-3874
CURSED Vs. The CuratorWarlock07-09-30127-3342
Dalaran in 3ds MaxMultiple10-01-2469-14054
Danny's Gold Farming GuideUnknown15-08-3059-7923
DeathCore project IRogue06-08-1213-3653
Deathmod PvP Duels: Part 1Warlock10-09-2963-3516
Deeprun Pest Controll Razorscale SpeedPaladin09-09-0726-6462
Delivyo PvP-Murderer RogueRogue07-01-30161.045391
DM fun part 2Mage06-11-2298-3043
DPC Vs Algalon 25Druid09-12-08261-5895
DPC vs Deathbringer Saurfang 10man HCDruid10-02-23227-5566
DPC Vs The Lich King 10 manDruid10-02-14292-7996
DPC Vs The Lich King 10 man 2nd editDruid10-02-17229-4703
DPC Vs. IllidanWarlock08-03-08210-6720
DPC Vs. KaelthasWarlock08-03-08299-4535
DPC Vs. The Lich King 25 man NormalPaladin10-03-01696-4856
Dragonflame: The first wave (preview)Mage07-04-0116-5590
Exodar Raid; Bringing World PvP back tWarlock07-05-074353.806516
Fàithful lvl 80 rogue pvp - duelsRogue10-05-22139-5373
Farmspot instructionPaladin07-12-2619-8689
Final Equilibrium vs Thaddius Warrior Multiple06-11-25129-2667
Final OmenMultiple10-05-146-9509
Fishing CommercialUnknown15-08-1463-10176
Frost Mage 1v2 Arenas (Osaka - AggramaMage10-04-20258-8750
Frost Mage AOE Guide! by draconicMage07-06-101053.5411545
Gerk The Wheels on The BusMage09-11-2571-9461
Halfus Berserk kill xDMultiple11-02-02549-4287
Halfus Berserk kill xDMultiple11-02-01549-3048
Heroic Anub'arak (10) by Max Focus AggMultiple09-11-04160-4140
Heroic Anub'Arak (10) By Max Focus AggMultiple09-11-04160-4210
Heroic: Madness of Deathwing Prot WarrWarrior12-05-08676-6500
How to Arena - Pro (not really)Mage10-07-1616-5322
How to fix Reforge bug in Cataclysm, PUnknown11-12-11181-53016
How to get to Hyjal 2.0.12Multiple07-04-24822.218223
How to make a macroWarlock10-06-2979-24263
How to piss off a VOA 25 raidWarlock10-06-19416-6370
I'm Back!Hunter14-04-2623-21890
Ignislumen 1Warlock09-08-06379-6141
IgnisLumen 1Warlock09-08-06379-5778
Infernal Knights Vs. Kel'ThuzadMultiple09-01-17208-3377
Insane Warrior Damage, Taste For BloodWarrior12-09-09329-6797
Join Our Garrison!Mage15-08-3068-9206
Kfelix 1 - Junglecleave 2.1k-2.4k mmrDruid11-08-27865-13957
Kfelix 1 - Random clipsDruid11-06-15184-6539
Last Crusaders Vs Deathbringer SaurfanPaladin10-01-1669-4681
Last Crusaders Vs Festergut 10mPaladin10-01-1670-5132
Last Crusaders Vs Gunship Battle 25mPaladin10-01-16128-5057
Last Crusaders Vs Lady Deathwhisper 25Paladin10-01-16157-3923
Last Crusaders Vs Lord Marrowgar 25mPaladin10-01-16132-4423
League Of Gentlemen Vs. Hodir 10manDruid09-09-10183-3667
Lich King 25Man - Mage POVMage10-08-0722-7141
Light's Out..Warrior06-04-211044.384725
LK 10 man moonkin PoVDruid10-09-21358-7891
LOG vs Auriaya Ulduar 10Druid09-09-1789-4098
LOG vs Beasts Of Northrend 10mDruid09-09-17153-4018
LOG vs Faction Champions 10mDruid09-09-1755-4357
LOG vs Jaraxxus 10mDruid09-09-1777-3257
LOG Vs. Anub'Arak toc 10man normalDruid09-09-10139-3426
LOG Vs. Kologarn Ulduar 10mDruid09-09-1866-3890
Loyalty Unity Victory - Part 2Warlock10-06-0898-6019
Loyalty Unity Victory Part 3Warlock10-06-08147-5301
Loyalty Unity Victory Part 4Warlock10-06-10110-5052
Luv - Wipe Night 2 (Icecrown Citadel)Warlock10-06-1233-15606
Luv - Wipe Night in UlduarWarlock10-06-08223-22974
Luv Greatest - ICC Lower Spire (IcecroWarlock10-06-11119-4122
Luv vs Blood Prince CouncilWarlock10-06-1157-3756
Luv vs Blood-Queen Lana'thel 25 (IcecrWarlock10-06-1248-4766
Luv vs Deathbringer Saurfang (IcecrownWarlock10-06-09145-5651
Luv vs Festergut 25 (Icecrown Citadel)Warlock10-06-11185-4817
Luv vs Hodir & Freya (Ulduar)Warlock10-06-10246-5405
Luv vs Lady Deathwhisper and Gunship BWarlock10-06-08268-4662
Luv vs Lord MarrowgarWarlock10-06-09249-5085
Luv vs Omnotron Defense SystemMultiple11-01-26218-38740
Luv vs OnyxiaWarlock10-06-09291-4883
Luv vs Professor Putricide (Trailer - Warlock10-06-0757-3975
Luv vs Valithria DreamwalkerWarlock10-06-1243-8647
Luv vs Yogg Saron (Ulduar)Warlock10-06-09271-5556
Luv Vs. Professor Putricide (Icecrown Warlock10-06-06143-2931
Mages are AwesomeMage09-11-0223-8318
Magtheridon Vs. Deathcore (Aggramar EUPriest08-01-11181-3783
Mercy vs. Saurfang + bonus clipPaladin10-02-17274-6561
Merged vs Anub NormalDruid09-12-04206-3976
Merged vs Northrend Beasts HCDruid09-12-1973-6441
Miklós - Kitekat (rsham - feral) - WoWShaman16-01-05331-10593
Monkey Island on AggramarUnknown08-09-1770-8648
Naqeya The GreatShaman06-12-302004.474595
Naqeya The Great - Part 2Shaman07-01-132374.0013927
NBL Huhuran WhipeRogue06-10-2917-2753
Nevmind - Frost Mage PvP Twink [Back tMage13-06-11316-18583
Nevmind Fire - Last Twink VideoMage12-11-08356-7329
Nobunaga 2 BURNWarlock07-06-133592.5118158
Nobunaga IWarlock06-12-01270-3537
Ogrigut - The story of making a Pvp waWarlock08-01-25157-6935
One light in the darkness 10Multiple09-08-20188-6819
only supposed to blow the bloody doorsUnknown16-08-19167-4013
Parcour JookerrRogue10-11-2576-3990
Phoenix Vs. Rage WinterchillWarlock08-03-03172-3827
Priest / Rogue all Deadly [For Fun]Multiple11-10-01295-4491
ProjectileLeprosy [Naga Giveaway]Multiple12-06-2348-2903
Pure Supremacy meets Lady VashjMultiple08-03-038-6431
Pure Supremacy Vs. Morogrim TidewalkerMultiple08-03-05255-6022
Quest Rewards (WoW Machinima)Unknown15-09-1583-10027
Razid Storm, Earth and Fire!Shaman09-02-12794.0810911
Razid Storm, Earth and Fire! IIShaman09-04-021814.5010385
Redrum - WoW 19 Rogue PvP TrailerRogue11-05-31133-8980
Rising Vs. MaulgarPaladin07-07-05319-3292
Rising Vs. Void ReaverPaladin07-07-10338-3325
Rogue Sub RBG MontageRogue13-05-13364-18458
Saimann in WSGPriest08-11-26404-2481
Shamans Heading for Extinction?Shaman08-12-22931.9817180
Shamans Heading for Extinction? IIRogue08-12-22721.197264
Strawberry Tigers Visit Ossirian the UWarrior07-08-29127-3748
The F WordDruid06-03-25254.5730335
The Infernal Knights Vs. Anub'RekhanPriest09-01-12103-3476
The Infernal Knights Vs. The Four HorsPriest09-01-14116-2099
The Lich King 25HC Aggramar - EU ServeDruid10-10-28899-9010
TOO vs The Lich KingDruid10-04-15773-5287
Trailer: Dragonflame the first wave (rMage07-04-06161.843661
Twin BladesUnknown09-07-1650-5533
UnholyBlood 1Deathknight11-02-05164-5576
Unleashed Chaos heroic achievementHunter09-02-0974-10680
Unstoppable Force vs Immovable ObjectMultiple10-06-2318-16567
Voice of the Many Vs Lich King 10Multiple10-06-12216-4363
W7 - Playable on DeathRogue16-01-11523-13706
Warrior Solo ZG Tiger Mount Boss! TipsWarrior10-04-1353-26517
Wizmo 1 - Ft the Spanish pornstars cluMage13-07-09648-16373
Wizmo 2 - Lap danceMage13-10-221348-12471
Wizmo 3 - UnstableMage13-11-111610-28985
Wizmo 4Mage13-12-13951-33041
WoW No MoreMultiple09-10-0788-7793
WoW PvP 85 enhancement shamanShaman11-04-11742-7142
XT-002 kill TTOHPMultiple09-04-2874-5106
Zebila: Mortal (Lvl 70 Warrior PvP)Warrior07-06-233142.015799
Zilz - Rogue PvP TrailerRogue10-02-2227-3467
Zilz trailerRogue10-02-24440-7633
Zyrepz -Sub Rogue PvP Movie 5.4.2 MOPRogue15-11-05252-10574
[F2P] Nevmind - 20 lvl Frost Mage PvP Priest12-08-11156-15485
[F2P] Nevmind 2 - Frost Mage PvP TwinkMage12-08-18167-3701
[F2P] Nevmind 3 - Frost Mage PvP TwinkMage12-09-14151-3933
[F2P] Nevmind 4 - Frost Mage PvP TwinkMage12-09-14167-4172
[F2P] Nevmind 6 - Frost Mage PvP TwinkMage12-09-27186-4355
[F2P] Nevmind 7 - Frost Mage PvP TwinkMage12-10-10259-4943
[F2P] Nevmind 8 - Frost Mage PvP TwinkMage12-10-24324-4885
[Trailer] The Burning LeagueUnknown16-08-29294-810