Server view : Chamber of the Aspects

Title Class Date Size Rating DLs
Axiom vs Chimaeron 25 heroicWarlock11-03-23406-4592
Cataclysm - Battle of GilneasDruid10-07-16141-36222
Geneticlol 5 Sub world pvp and duels -Rogue10-10-1631-4677
Geneticlol 6 - Rogue BattlegroundsRogue10-11-22478-9055
Geneticlol PTR duels vs all classes paRogue10-10-02108-9263
Geneticlol PTR duels vs all classes paRogue10-10-05185-6293
Geneticlol- Number 67 trailerRogue10-05-307-6405
Kid breaks a leg during Blizzcon 2010Unknown10-11-157-4196
Maloriak 25 HCDeath Knight11-05-18137-4567
Vignox level 85 Prot Warrior Soloing RWarrior11-06-2679-12190