SV/MM Hunter - PvP With Tree 7 par Tree Productions
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I have recently begun production on some League of Legends videos as of January 27th 2015 (Diamond Anivia main) so if you are interested please subscribe to my new youtube channel as videos will be coming shortly

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So here it is! my seventh PvP movie.

As soon as 3.1 hit i kinda stopped playing arena and the game all together. i mainly just came on to film BG clips and duels.

Because of that, this movie has mainly 1vX BG fights and a few duels, all filmed during patch 3.1.3.

There are definitely a few bads (i prefer to think of them as people who don't care enough about the game to play at a higher level) in some of the fights, but only during a 1vX. The Duels are all against skilled players (the few remaining on Doomhammer....)

The first half of the movie is survival 0/15/56, and the second half is marksmanship 0/52/19. In my opinion marksman is by far the most fun, but these days for PvP its not nearly as viable as survival.

The editing might be a little different than most people are used to. For some reason I've started playing with my camera zoomed out pretty far, so for most of the fights i zoomed in on the action.

As well there are a few fun clips and a simple story line that go along with it which i spent quite a long time editing.

My version of Adobe premiere is getting kind of outdated so its really buggy and difficult to use, but i managed to get everything together and looking decent.

The music selection is kind of different to most pvp movies, but the songs used are currently some of my favorites in my library and can be found in the ending credits.

Hope you enjoy! :)

sorry for the wait on the UI but here it is.

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