Snoman: Shining Dreamscape par snoman
Class: Inconnu | Category: Underground | Serveur : US - Draka ( Vengeance )
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I had sort of a relapse about a month ago. I was getting burned out programming and wanted to do something different and fun. I decided it was time for another Dreamscape.
For White Dreamscape, I just used old changes that I never put in videos and filled the rest with WotLK. This time, there are nothing but brand new changes, which, in my opinion, are some of my best ever :)
Not much else to say. Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and please watch the 720p version if possible. The only way to full enjoy this movie is in high definition.

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If you ever want to know what I'm up to, just check out my blog:
The Other Side

If anyone is wondering how my studies are going... In two weeks I will be starting College/University and the arduous quest of getting a Computer Science degree. I'm also working on the first big game for my indie company. The best thing about knowing how to program is being able to write my own custom tools to make my area changes look perfect. I wrote tools to help in the creation of Jurassic Core, Autumnfall, and Grizzly Woods :)
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