Huntertastic Vol 1 par Stasia
Class: Chasseur | Category: PvP | Serveur : EU - Al'Akir ( Blackout )
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Stasia's Arena Team 1
Stasialol Awrlol
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Huntertastic Vol 1.

This is the first movie of my hunter, not sure if it will be my last aswell but i'm keeping the window open (hence the "Vol 1").

What to expect in specific order.

-Short machinimastyled intro
-2v2 hunter/priest arena around 2100-2400 mmr
-Duels vs 2400+ rated people
-Very short battleground part
-Credits along with a few memorable clips i've obtained during the last couple of months

My armory profile

My priest partners profile

Songlist (prepare for the most overused songs i possibly could find!)

Lisa Miskovsky - Still alive
Celldweller - own little world
Good charlotte - the river
Rise against - prayer of the refuge
Nightwish - Dark chest of wonders
Swat cats s2 intro theme
Jace Everett - bad things
Nightwish - end of all hope
Pet shop boys - Love etc
Ryan Star - brand new day

apparently both of the nightwish songs got left out from the movie credits, shame on me!

If you enjoyed and feel like the video deserves it, i ask of you to support the video and give skillpoint! (yellow and orange buttons, to the right of the stream)

Sorry if the filesize is intimidating :(


The addons i use are pitbull for unitframes, gladius and omni cc (shows counters on CDs). There's a few minor addons aswell, but those are the ones that matter in arena ^^

Will try to answer any questions asked and keep this info updated!
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