Shimazaki Frost Mage PvP! par Shimazaki
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Serveur : EU - Outland ( Misery )
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First of all thank You for watching my video :)

I hope here we gonna grew up more and become even better community.

About the movie : Reason i made this movie is to inspire my friends to start playing again,

it took much of my time for editing and making some cool effects, maybe a bit lack in PvP fights such as

2on1 and 3on1 fights, but if i was searching those it would take me even much more time and i dont have that much time.

Currently im not playing arena ( only 2on2 not serious ) since i didnt play whole summer and even before summer, aprox 4months

soo i kinda skipped this Ruthless Season and You guys even saw i was fighting in full 371Vici set ( with 4 x 359 items, wepon, offhand

wand and volcano trinket ).

I can promise You guys more PvP action + high rated arena in next arena season and im allready prepared for it :)

By that time please do enjoy in this movie.

If any1 has any questions feel free to PM me here on or ingame /w or mail :)

I can take some negative critics, its okay, just dont flame :p I teach others... others teach me... together we can function better :)

Have fun!

Best Regards,

Your friend Shimazaki :)
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