Hasuit 2 - 2900 double hunter resto druid par Hasuit
Class: Chasseur | Category: PvP | Serveur : US - Frostmourne ( Bloodlust )
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Hasuit's Arena Team 1
Dan Hasuit Sudar
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Hey, I originally started frapsing these clips to test and improve my new UI, but I was really excited about it so I just went ahead and threw the highlights into a video.

The screenshot of my 2900 dbl hunter resto druid was in mid-season 10, a few weeks after the mmr nerf.

All games played in this video were recorded between December 16 and December 23 of 2011. Patch 4.3, Season 11.

My UI is custom. I created it by modifying several other existing addons' LUA code to get them to do what I wanted. The main addons are TellMeWhen, MoveAnything, and PlateBuffs.

I abandon my pets a lot. It's a script that permanently deletes your pet so you can call a new one with fresh cds. /script PetAbandon()

Song list:

Fuzion ft. Cat Martin - Cold Hands (SubVibe Remix)
Trippcore - I Believe
Trippcore - Dj Jorge (?)
Dexcell - Digifunk
SubVibe - Gangsters
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