Solidarity Vs Spine of Deathwing 25H [Multi PoV] par ArmaHuhu
Class: Multiple | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Serveur : EU - Outland ( Misery )
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Solidarity Vs Spine of Deathwing 25H

Solidarity's and Outland-EU's first Spine of Deathwing kill in heroic 25m difficulty! (23.1.2012)

Armabear - Feral Tank
Makro - Frost Death Knight
Simplez - Holy Paladin
Spioncy - Subtlety Rogue
Uhru - Resto Shaman

Ram vs. Dash Berlin - Man On The Run To Ramsterdam (Johnvas Mashup)
Above & Beyond & Gareth Emery pres. OceanLab - On A Good Day (Metropolis)


Solidarity is a hardcore raiding guild on the Outland server, formed on the 25th of October 2009, since then we've become a well known high end guild. Our primary goal is to better ourselves in every tier of raiding which we have successfully achieved so far. Our members enjoy socializing, doing PvP or playing other games outside of raids. We are all a friendly bunch of people, who like to have a laugh and enjoy raiding while still keeping up a steady pace of progression.


World 47th Madness of Deathwing 25 Heroic (Realm First - January 26th 2012)
World 69th Ragnaros 25 Heroic (Realm First 25 Man - September 14th 2011)
World 19th Glory Of The Cataclysm Raider 25 (Realm First - April 21st 2011)
World 95 Al'Akir 25 Heroic (Realm First 25 Man - April 12th 2011)
World 119 Sinestra 25 Heroic (Realm Second - April 4th 2011)
World 96 Nefarian 25 Heroic (Realm First - March 1st 2011)
World 350 Lich King 25 Heroic (Realm Second - August 2nd 2010)

What we're looking for:

We're always recruiting exceptional players, so there is no harm in applying even if we're not recruiting your class/spec. Check our current recruitment status on our web page (see link below).

Gear is not a major concern to a certain extent as long as you are able to show us that you know your class to a high standard. We are looking for long term, dedicated players who are able to quickly adapt and learn new encounters. High attendance is required as we keep our roster at about 30 raiders, we are not looking to recruit benchwarmers.

We raid Sunday to Thursday from 19:45 to 24:00 server time (CET), with Friday and Saturday being off days.

Check our website & recruitment status at:

Live raids from Sundays to Thursdays 20:00-00:00 CET:
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