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Sallice's Arena Team 1
Sallice Smex Phake
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Sallice's Arena Team 2
Xaryu Sallice Ayume
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My first official movie ever made. Sorry for taking so long to produce my first movie but figured I'll finally get into it. Clips are in the 3v3 bracket on Tichondrius-Bloodlust. This movie was made for entertainment purposes and doesn't showcase all the best skills since the footage was taken over just a couple days so not everything was perfect. For my history I'm an 8 season Rank 1 player, S2, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, S9, S12 mainly as Paladin or as a Priest. I may look into creating a Paladin movie later in the future.

The movie is seen from a Discipline Priest's PoV running Monk/DK, Rogue/Boomkin, and Mage/Rogue.

Any tips and pointers will be appreciated so I can improve my editing skills for any future projects.

Track List:(In order)
Lindsey Stirling - Crystallize(dubstep)
Blue Stahli - Suit Up
Daughter - Medicine(Sound Remedy Remix)
Dumb Ways to Die

Special Thanks to: for sponsoring this project!
Check out for WoW services and for League of Legends services!

Teammates: Smex, Laser, Phake, Ayume, Xaryu
All the players we faced over the course of the video!

Arenastyle - Debuffs on side of frames
SArena - Arena Frames w/ PvP Trinket
InterruptBar - Interrupt list ie CS,Kick,Pummel
Photorobot - Debuffs/Major things over Portraits

Come follow my stream @

I recommend watching the 1080P version on my youtube channel and subscribe to view future content like tutorials and great vids!

Cheers and hope you enjoy!
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