10 DKs vs Heart of Fear HEROIC par raegwyn
Class: Death Knight | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Serveur : EU - Mannoroth ( Blutdurst )
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The Death Nerds are back!
with this video i present you that 10 DKs can clear HoF heroic in about 2 hours if played right.

All Death Nerds involved were handpicked by myself and i would lay my hands in fire to say that everyone of them mastered the DK class perfectly and plays atleast at my niveau or even higher.

The Difficulty Levels were quite different than with a typical raidsetup
The Hardest boss was Amber-Shaper followed by Imperial Vizier. All other were quite simple with Empress ironically being the easiest boss of this instance.

If you look closely you can see that we used some stuff that most DKs wouldnt even think of:

Deathcoil Glyph to shield Fixiated players on Garalon
Icy Touch Glyph for dispell on Windlord
Death Siphon for some nice 800k heals on ambershaper last phase
Desecreated Ground + Lichborne to handle fear on Empress last phase

We also did 6 DKs vs MSV Heroic right after, killed 4 bosses and stopped on Elegon because of time issues so you can probably expect that as next Video. (Garajal was a beast lol)

I should also mention that this isnt my first 10 DKs vs HoF hc clearrun.
9 russians invited me to clear it 1 week before, but all the russian letters fucked up my interface so badly that i had to do it again with non russian players to provide some quality footage. We also exploited Garalon with the russian raid so it wasnt a true "clear" run and wiped about 40 times on ambershaper. You can check that raid out here: http://www.youtube.com/user/xcutionsolokill/videos

TACTICS (exactly as i explained them xD):

Zorlok: When echo spawns ALL dps echo 2 tanks go next platform
Last phase just nuke him in the middle dont kite him behind pillar as normally just offtank the echo and nuke the shit out of him

Bladelord: Everyone tanks, stay at max meleerange in a circle since he does a really hard magic dmg dot that can hit anyone what sucks

Garalon: standard tactic with deathcoil targetstarget macro for the fixiated guys

Windlord: just Glyph of icy touch dispell own add + Descreated ground speccing
CC 3 Trappers

Ambershaper: Hardest boss in there, in p2 stack only on the big add. no single stack on boss please!
When big add has about 30% start stacking on boss.
KEEP MOVING when boss casts amberstuff that follows you
ARMY last phase
In last phase everyone eat slime and kick yourself please after getting abomination.
hardcore dps race. (death siphon is kinda nice there)

Empress: joke easiest boss no real tactic required. offtank 1 big add all the time and GG
Stand in the boss all the time for Bloodworms, you literally need to lick shekzeers pussy xD Specc DG and LB for fear

I hope you enjoyed this Video and hopefully more DK only raids will follow in the future.
If you wanna join my raids check my channel from time to time if i do a 25 DK raid recruitment.

Special Thx to:
for being backup

(Sorry for the long waiting time but i got some technical problems creating this video)


Celldweller - Frozen (Celldweller vs Blue Stahli)
Celldweller - Louder Than Words (Instrumental)
S.S.H. - DeadAlus
S.S.H. - Guilty Gear Holy Orders Remix
Atlas Plug - Truth Be Known

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