DK solo: Dark Animus #Worldfirst# par raegwyn
Class: Death Knight | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Serveur : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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This is probably the hardest boss of this expansion (atleast p1) and a pretty good ending of the MoP soloing in my opinion.

Very big credit goes to Снежоксмерти aka Snowball, a russian warlock that gave me the idea for this kill and helped me figuring out the basics after i asked him.
His channel:

P1 took about 70-80 trys
P2 took 2 trys

Tactics, Tipps and Tricks:

The Tactic is to kill the first 2 deactivated golems within seconds (atleast 1 crit is required). After that i start kiting which i wont describe further.
After some time (see below) the golems die, leaving the boss with 96 energy.
The rest is tank and spank even though it can be tricky with 200% damage taken from animaring and much worse gear than normal because of the 300% rocketboots (which are basically an empty slot) and offensive gear required to oneshot first 2 golems.

Another thing is you somehow have to manage to let one of your ghouls tank dark animus at the beginning or he will cast Animaring on you, which for some reason prevents you from moving for 2 seconds

I used engineer rocketbelt, 300% BC rocketboots (40 intellect and no other stats) Unholy Presence, swiftness potion, Deaths Advance, Curse of the Hubris trinket (25% crit on use just to crit on the first 2 golems), Tankcloak and purgatory to give me another second

Since i know tons of people will ask these questions i will answer them right now.

"Why are the small Animagolems dieing when you dont dps them"?
Thats because on normalmode the boss soaks 1 Anima all 5-7 sec after you pull him. and after 4 times soaking they are empty and deactivate.
"Why doesnt the boss get 100 Energy?"
At the very start i kill 1 deactivated golem whose anima jumps into an activated one that didnt get energy from the Orb yet. (thats a matter of milliseconds btw)

PS: this will probably be my last video for a while, because i have to go to Military alternative employment for 9 months, starting next week.... Fuck Austria
Not sure about 25 DKs vs ToT though...

PPS: R.I.P. Ghostcrawer


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