Priest Solo Heroic Omnotron par zsun44
Class: Pr�tre | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Serveur : US - Barthilas ( Bloodlust )
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Relevant Talents used:

Desperate Prayer
Divine Insight
Divine Star

iLvl: 566

For the normal mode description of the fight see here:

Same strategy as the normal version. Just higher boss health and boss damage. The main changes in mechanics is that whenever each of the constructs casts a special ability there is a chance Lord Victor Nefarius will step in and either empower that ability or interfere with whatever method you choose to counter that ability, neither of which will affect soloing that much.

From a soloing perspective, this fight is done the same way as normal mode. Just kite, stay alive, and keep the main target dotted up. I managed to get this on my 2nd or 3rd attempt only, so in essence I was still testing the fight out but ended up killing the boss. Hence you may see there are many times during the fight where I didn't handle the mechanics or my own CDs very well, or even just straight up getting caught in avoidable damage. Overall still a nice endurance test.
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