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- Wow Machinima about a Death knight named Eux -

Notable characters: (Original characters used in my videos)
- Eux - Blood Elf Death Knight
- Norael - High Elf Rogue
- Asheda - Blood Elf Rogue
- Liard - Worgen Warrior
- Draisho - Orc Death Knight

Note -
All my videos are original stories. Some may follow parts of lore and/or the wow timeline, however the videos don't stay 100% true to lore. Some stories are also cut down to fit the songs length and may therefore be a bit confusing at times. Read below for a full description of the story.

Timeline for my story progression wow machinimas. (Watch order is first to last)
Scarlet -
Leaving tonight -
Breath -
So cold -
Already over -
Mirrors -

Other work by me that includes characters from this story
Scarlet -
Leaving tonight -
Mirrors -


- Story description -
A high elf assassin is offered a a mission she can not decline. For unknown reasons the mysterious man agrees to double the bounty on her target. However, knowing that her target is a skilled mercenary, she decides to seduce him instead of a direct assault.

Spending days together with her target, she slowly begins to develop feelings for him, and she ends up unwilling to fulfill the contract. Unfortunately, the contract has already been signed off, which, in turn, forces her to, reluctantly, kill him. After only a few hours, a death knight happens upon the slain blood elf and he decides to resurrect him.

Months pass, and one day a group of death knights walk into Dalaran where the lovebirds meet for the last time.
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