Only-Demon Hunter Heroic raid! (Highmaul) par Monsterbaby
Class: Demon Hunter | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Serveur : EU - Shadowsong ( Cyclone )
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We ventured into Highmaul Heroic with only Demon Hunters, with most wearing starter ilvl gear. A lot of kiting had to be done on several boss fights in order to relief the tanks for too much damage.

Being rusty in tactics, Highmaul Heroic still offered quite the challenge, but it was great fun!

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Thanks to the Only-Demon Hunter guild Disciples of Illidan for joining in, and thanks to Serbone (GM) for his support!

Thanks to members of Druids of the Beast for joining in on their demon hunters.

***FAQ: Wtf is up on Butcher?***
We tried different tactics, we tried normal ways and kiting him back and forth (which is what you saw on the video) I added the last bit, because it was entertaining, not even close to our best try. It was horrible. But fun.

**Will you do more of these runs?**
Perhaps, although time is short until Legion, so I wouldn't imagine much level 100 demon hunter content to be made in a while
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