Orc Spice (Channel Trailer Machinima) par Grim Laugh
Class: Guerrier | Category: Machinima | Serveur : US - Hellscream ( Rampage )
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Welcome to my Channel!

Viewers, you ever feel... you know.. not so fresh? If so, then S**t, this should be something you talk to your mom about on a boat floating in the middle of ****ing nowhere. I would suggest spraying some febreeze. It'll probably burn like hell though. But while you wallow in agony, why not have a look at some of my videos? Maybe it'll make you laugh, maybe it'll make the burning worse. Maybe it'll make you laugh AND make the burning worse. Either way, enjoy your stay on my channel.

Be part of a community where you can laugh at people being killed without judgmental eye glances from your peers. If you do get called out for being sick, remind them not to be a whiney 2018 little pansy and that there are far worse things out there than a fictional orc murdering fictional people. But if you're not convince, don't take my word for it.

Real extorted Testimonies:
Captain Grim: "There, I subscribed, can you untie me now?"
Thompshire: "OKAY OKAY, I'll sub, just stop breaking down my door"
Lawrencium: "Get out of my office"
Kookie Keeler: "YOU ATE THE PONY FARM?!?"
Strausin: "Look, I'm very busy, can we no.... OWWW, ^%$@!! FINE I'll SUB."
Master Vertex: "Your animations can use more work."
Feaster: "I don't know why you keep stabbing me, I already subscribed!"
Kariax: ".....ok"
Konge: "Please don't hurt me, I'll sub, I'LL SUB!!"
MiriQL: "There, done. Now please stop trying to burn down my house."
Pukki: "No no no no, We agreed on 5 bear asses, this is 4 and half an ass cheek"
Major Vomo: "But I like Nixxiom mor... OW!! I'M SORRY!"
Yann Minola: "Omlette'Du Fromage"
HirumaredX: "Why are you trying to stab me with a spork?"
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