Feel the fury 4 par Plumka
Class: Guerrier | Category: PvP | Serveur : EU - Sunstrider ( Blackout )
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Hey and welcome!!

I thought it was about time to make another movie, 6 years passed since the last one lul :P

As always, this is a fury warrior PvP movie made for funz and entertainment!

Most stuff is recorded in 8.1 and since I joined BFA kinda late, my gear in most scenes is potato, but hey, they say gear doesn't matter as much as it used to ^.^. Also I'm relly sorry for the caveman 1680x1050 resolution, I never upgraded my potato ass monitor, cause... well it works just fine :P

What to expect:

- 1vX with a fury warrior pov (mostly x=2, bfa seems pretty balance)
- BG's, World PvP and 1 arena scene :P
- Mistakes
- Maybe fun?
- Lots of engineering stuff
- Awesome metal!

I hope you can enjoy it :)
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