Tharbad Frost Mage PvP par breakingnews
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Serveur : EU - Nathrezim ( Blutdurst )
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Movie Summary
actually this is my 4th movie but who cares :)

this time featuring:
- open pvp (highlight: 1vs2 against 2 gladiators)
- duels (fights against tradix and margor, also gladiators)
- battlegrounds (1vsx)
- and you will see some arena fights:

2on2 with >the damenbarts und singleplayer<
with tehgnarr (feral druid)
with sindel (sl warlock)
with skymir (bm hunter)
with saru (2 frostmages) --> notice the preview at the end

3on3 with >you got rickrolled<
with nemrix, and tradix (shadow and moonkin)actually saru is playing most of the time. i'm just helping out.

5on5 with >the roflcoptors<
with lilrey, adelgunde, tmp, skymir (warrior, paladin, shaman. hunter)

some arena fights were recorded at the beginning of season 2. nevertheless i think the opponents are quite strong.
further more you will see some clips where i'm wearing shadow resistance gear. even though this will change in the next season i wanted to show you some fights.
if you want to see my ratings just check my armory.
have fun!


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august burns red - the truth of a liar
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addons used:
ctmod (parts of it)
sct (grayhoof profile)
nature enemy castbar
cryolysis (mage addon)
trinket menu
arena master
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