Augure Vs. Malygos by Maevah
Class: Multiple | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Conseil des Ombres ( F�rocit� )
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Augure vs Malygos
(19th video, 01/2009)

Filmed on EU-Conseil des Ombres in December 2008 and January 2009.

An aesthetic PvE retrospective of Malygos.

This was actually one of the most difficult bosses to film in a coherent way. Previous ones were Heigan in Naxx40 (Naxx10/25 is not exactly Naxx40), and don't ask why : Kaz'rogal in Hyjal/COT3.

I would have prefered this to be out in December, but due to work, recovering from leveling 10 levels, real life activities, gathering of a new Stamina/video stuff, new year, sickness, ... it could not !

Regarding the soundtrack : considering that the current high end PvE content of the game will probably become "medium" or "low" end PvE content when stuff as Ulduar and the Lich King will enter in the game, and will probably get forgotten as Maghteridon did ... I did not use one of my most "universal" soundtracks here. Curiously, I don't think that soundtrack fits well to the game, but I think that it fits well to Malygos encounter.

To avoid misreading/mishearing : They don't say "... when you accept your faith" but "... when you accept your fate", and according to my interpretation, the song is not about religious faith but it's about illusions/dreams we all have when we're younger and we're forced to put aside when we grow up and learn more about how the world really goes. I chose it for aesthetic reasons anyway.

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