RajRaj 2 - 3.0.8 DK Frost/rune tap by Anubiz77
Class: Death Knight | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Argent Dawn ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
Added my interface for downloading! You will have to get it work on your own! tips: access X-Perl and Bartender to load my profile!

Glyphs used:
Icy Touch
Frost Strike
Anti-Magic Shell
Death's Embrace
Raise Dead

"what was the mod that showed your disease timers & cooldowns in the middle of your screen?"

I'm using two awsome addons called TellMeWhen and NeedToKnow, they can track almost any buff/debuff/cooldown on your target/focus. Strongly recommended!

Hello again,
here's my second movie which is recorded only in patch 3.0.8. I don't have much to say other then please(!) don't downrate this movie because I'm a Death Knight. My intention with these movies ARE NOT to prove anything! This is some of my DK pvp experience and I hope you'ill find it entertaining to watch.

-Ironforge world PvP

Frost/Rune Tap
(this spec gives me endless snares with much range potential as you will see, also with Frost Aura and Acclimation I can easily stack up 230 resistance to any school really fast. In addition to all this, my attacks ignores armour which opens up for some heavy nuking.


Pendulum - Blood Sugar
Cypress Hill - Insane In The Membrane
House of Pain - Jump Around
Pendulum - Tarantula
Immortal Technique - Freedom Of Speech

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