The Paladin's Way of William by William Wallace
Class: Paladin | Category: Machinima | Server : EU - Aerie Peak ( Misery )
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Movie Summary
Hi guys,this is a wow video from Chinese wow.
Not made by me, but by a paladin of our guild,
whose name is William Wallace (in Chinese).
Woo, do you remember the movie Brave Heart?

At first,it was just a private movie , only published on our guild forum, until i was moved so much that i decide to help William to share it with more players.
So it may be not so perfect, watch it for fun:)

Due to the garbage of chinese sever list on this site,
I can't select the right server which we're in.
It's the BWL server of 6th realm .

William spent all his winter vacation to make this movie.
It tells a simple story that a cheese-seller wanted to be a paladin,then he knew he must walk before running, finally he became a real paladin and killed the evil DK.
The first half of video is painted by hand totally. That's very special.
The second half is just a series of screenshots for memory:)
Don't worry, these're no chinsese characters , except the players' names in the screenshots:)
If anybody can't play it, you could try Realplayer.
First posted at : (Chinese)

Could anybody help to post this to Bllizard forum?
I don't have a cd-key-.-

Thanks to all for your appreciation to this movie!
Give me some time to read your posts ,more than 45 page..thank you...
Then I will update this summary to give out more features, and answer your questions with my TOUGH english :)
I will send your every suggestion to him or ask himself to read this link-.-
And thanks to kevin987, who made a mirror on WoW-Annexe

--------------Some Interesting Features----------------
1.About the songs
There'are two songs in the movie.
The first called FreeLoot, is sung by Daniel Powter(Canada)

The second song is from japanese sung by 伊藤和子(sorry I don't know her English name,maybe it's Itou Kazuko?).
It's the theme song of a PC game "Hero's tale 6",called 星之所在 (hoshi no arika?).
Download :

But:) you may find out that the voice in this movie is not same with 伊藤和子...
Yes, in the movie ,it's a cover version sung by a girl of our guild ...
you can find her in the screenshots, whose name is "田田同学".

2.The Costars
All of Costars in the movie are painted according to real roles of our guild.
Please refer to the screenshots in the second part-.- Isn't the bear very lovely?

3.Poor Dog( at 00:33)
Zzz...William gets up, then..?
poor dog..

I don't know whether this word has same meaning in English.
In Chinese, it describes a raid looter always loots some equips that nobody wants...
and never loots the equips that everybody wants...
Maybe you have noticed the bland-hand news on the newspaper,(the guy on the newspaper is painted according to our black-handed RL!), at 01:22,you can see a black-hand on the gravestone also...

--------------Introduction of William and Our guild ----------------

Our guild's name is Commando(in Chinese),created at the same time when the BWL server opened(04/26/2006),almost three years by now.
It's a PPF guild ,with only one 25 member raid group, raiding three days every week.
But we still conquered Black Temple before TBC 3.0, and THANKS:( to the late WLK in China,We Killed KjllJaedon about one month ago.
Although there're many difficulties in the past three years, we keep going on.
(it's owe to the black-handed RL,he put in a lot of hard work)

About William, he's still a sophomore (is any company willing to invite him as an internship:))
actually ,i'm not very familiar with him.
Because I focus on PVE, while he prefer to play WOW as a RPG,as a Paladin,
just sometimes joining the raid when he have time off.
In my memory, He's always collecting his suits to cosplay Arthas etc...
I ever met him in a offline party, whose style gave me some feeling about religion(or paladin?).

We hope that paladins(and all other RP players) can keep going on more unhesitatingly after watching this little movie,
in the name of Paladin&Role Play.

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