Tradition of the Sith by bsm
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Movie Summary
A long time ago in Azeroth....

- Tradition of the Sith -

Rule of Two! An unknown
Sith Lord summons her
apprentice to an ancient
cave which is tainted by the
Dark Side of the Force.

His training is complete,
but to claim the mantle of the
Dark Lord as his own, he
must do so by eliminating
her. They must face in single
combat, and the victor will
decide the fate of Azeroth....

Music used

Kevin Kiner - A Galaxy Divided
(The Clone Wars)

Howard Shore - A Journey in the Dark
(The Fellowship of the Ring)

Mark Griskey - The Sarlacc Unleashed
(The Force Unleashed)

John Williams - End Credits
(Star Wars: Episode I-VI)

Featuring modelchanges

Bullshitmaster's Lair
Corrupted Dreadmist set

Also watch my first (unfinished) lightsaber machinima: Battle of the Heroes
For more information about my work feel free to visit my blog: teh b[ullshitmast0r]log
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