Pitbull Unitframes Tutorial by Redmist
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On popular request after the very kind comments on my Clean UI introduction, this tutorial is focused entirely on the Pitbull 3.0 unit frame mod.



It is a VERY long tutorial designed for people who have NOT used unit frame mods. If you are a pro (like many using this movie board are) then it is not for you - you may find it slow!!!

It IS a little slow as a movie, but that is because I hope that people can watch it and repeat the actions on their screen. Skip parts if they go slow.

I cover most of the aspects of Pitbull that are useful and hopefully leave the viewer with a sense of adventure in unit frames.

I have zoomed my entire interface to try and make it clearer.

I have also tried very hard to get the maximum quality for the minimum size - please download to see all the text entry used in this movie.

I really hope this helps someone - if it helps just 1 or 2, then it was worth making and posting.

The voice over is me talking as I made the movie - and is in English - sorry if some parts are unclear :-)

All my best,

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