World of Instantcraft 1 by Akeaz
Class: Multiple | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Nazjatar ( Glutsturm )
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Movie Summary

this is my first movie.
i just try to show how easy and boring this game has become over the years and especially with patch 3.0.
many classes (or specs) are designed to just spam one major spell (explosiv shot, icy touch etc...),
so its very easy to be successful in pvp on an average level..
with this movie, i don't want to blame high level pvp. i think everyone knows that u can't play over 1700 with a /castrandom-button etc...

the movie contains...
- a lot of "fun" Parts..
- duels and Arena PvP with DKs, Hunters, Mages and Druids for this first Episode
- One Button Montages (thanks to thirdhorn for the inspiraton)
- a lot of InstantCasts

Akeazlol (UDmage) played by Akeaz
Viciouz (Humanlock) played by Viciouz
Galadronía (nightelf druid) played by Sliccer
Hírô (Dwarf pally) played by Viciouz
Funeey (nightelf druid) played by Akeaz
Zetor played by Akeaz
Mandariene played by Akeaz

Music (in order of appearance):
Huey Lewis . The Power of Love
The Chrodettes . LollyPop
The Trashmed . Surfin Bird
Less Than Jake . History of a Boring Town
Super Mario Bros . Rock Theme
Rise Against . Tip the Scales
Alphaville . Big in Japan
Goldeneye 007 . Cradle Theme
Zeromancer . Dr. Online
Dropkick Murphys . As One
W.A.M . Eine kleine Nachtmusik (Rock Version)
The Killers . Mr. Brightside
Placebo . The Bitter End
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