Spardaa - Lock/Rogue 2500+ by Spardaa
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Outland ( Misery )
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Movie Summary
Spardaa's Arena Team 1
Magus Spardaa
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This is my first PvP Movie , Its about Affliction specced Warlock + Mutilate specced rogue in 2v2's , the movie includes guide , tactics and some other tips on how to run this setup if your willing to start it or already having problems against some setups, "only rogue is using engineering btw" and no PvE gear included
No focus frame
No Totem-Stomping macro

Footage is taken on the BG Misery-EU in about 3 weeks , I couldn't include double DPS fights and what not because there isn't any high rated ones , Its only Holy paladin + X fights so , It shows how long a warlock can survive with self heals only , It is a very difficult setup to run in my point of view with this amount of holy paladins and death knights in the 2v2 bracket.Team name as the picture shows "Warlocks Kek", 2561 rating was the highest we got.

I'm sure your bored of all these Lock + Shaman movies , this movie was extremely high recommended by some people since I can't stream on xfire whatsoever , so i figured I should make a movie about it and show people how we do it , as it shows in the movie we were worlds highest Warlock / Rogue when the footage was taken , but it took me a while to get things together and we disbanded the team and made a new one , we're most likely going a bit inactive in that bracket until patch hits.

I hope people don't rate this movie on my editing or my music , If you don't like the music mute it , I personally think the fights are top notch at some point and those setups aren't easy to beat and it took us a while to figure how to beat them , It's my first PvP movie so don't except any editing :(( , hopefully you find it entertainment and helpful,

Music used:
Inflames - Reflect the storm
DJ Tiesto - Elements of life
Kanye west - Love lockeddown LMFAO
Inflames - Dead end
DMC4 - Theme song

Programs used:
Sony vegas 7.0


Thanks for those who helped me make this video , If you like to contact us feel free to visit us on Outland-EU


EDIT ** If the Wow-Annexes stream is not working then the site is down or Its extremly slow.
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