Rogue Sap Macros and Tricks Tutorial by Yazuki
Class: Rogue | Category: How To/Guides | Server : US - Shadow Moon ( Vindication )
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Many people are probably wondering how to Ambush->Sap after seeing Unmercy's video so I decided to make a tutorial which tells you how to do it and even more.

These tricks are very situational and I highly recommend that you don't try this in arenas unless you know what you're doing.

With the changes to engineering in 3.1 you can do even more with the GLG and Pyro rocket.

Unfortunately I couldn't include footage of actual duels or arenas because of the fact that I can barely play wow at the lowest settings while recording.

Song used in the video is John Christorm - Kinetic

If you're wondering how people Ambush from so far away, it's the Ambush Glyph

Video by Yuk�(Alt 141) of Shadowmoon
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