3 man Magtheridon Gold run by Kirri
Class: Druid | Category: Underground | Server : US - Runetotem ( Vengeance )
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Hi, im kirry i play wow almost since the release, my friends and i decided to find a new boss to replace onyxia since she dosnt drop gold anymore and i did a research on warcraft movies and i saw that no one posted a vid of a small group doing mag for gold. so we decided to try it out and recorded it.

Overall its very easy to do and a nice way to make near 200g in about 15-16 min (took more time cauz the rogue got one shoted twice by the roof lol, he forgot to evasion tank the roof )

group set up is:

prot warrior(wich his an alt thats why hes still wearing t6): Krazybadass

combat rogue: Pepsine

and myselft resto druid Kirry.

im whiskass who posted resto druid the return of pwn a couple of months ago, i paid a sex change on my character.

we are all from Runetotem US.

Plz comment and rate at least on the editing
thank you :)

tu es québécois? viens nous voir, www.rigormortis.ca
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