Resto Druid : The return of Pwn --- Whiskass by Kirri
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : US - Runetotem ( Vengeance )
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Hi this is my first pvp video, well its not really pvp. il explain. Im a big fan of grim the pre bc rogue. I always been a little bit disapointed because there are very few healer vidéo, and when its healer video its normally arena video. So i decided to try a video of me with my resto druid that is interesting wich can be hard. With a dps if u wanna do a grim like video u just save during months ure big crits on video but i dont think people people would be interested in watching a 1100 crit moonfire video :) . My only option to make people intereseted when watching my vid was to maybe try to do weird stuff and adopt an offensive healer gameplay. I perfectly know that i still kite alot but, i tryed to be more offensive than a normal resto druid in arena for exemple, because i have to do the healing and the dpsing.

I'm really not a big pvper and I really RARELY do arenas so don't expect to see a resto druid arena video with me. Im pretty much only doing pve when playing wow but i used to like world pvp pre bc. I know im by far not the best resto druid pvper but i think i can do the job fine, i believe the edition of the video is also very important to make people enjoy a video especially in the case of a healer and i think my vid could entertain some of u.

I do have a pvp gear that i never use but i prefered to stick to pve gear and full Raid spec for this video because im a real pver :) it also had some challenge because im really paper lol. Yes i know at the begining of the video in my stormwind challenge there are grey lvl with the 80's and i kill them, thats called world pvp, and if they are too retarded to flag themself thats called natural selection :)

Hope you will enjoy this vid and keep in mind im clearly not a dps spec or class, i dont expect everyone to like it but please no replies like ohhh i can crit for 13k boomkin... fine for u, do it resto now.....

because my vid is long video (22 min) if u want to skip straight to something i will put u a little scene selection here.

Scene Selection: yes like on a DvD! :)
#1 - stormwind challenge ---------- 0:00
#2 - Hunter double beast wrath --- 10:44
#3 - Ret paladin -------------------- 14:21
#4 - Death knight -------------------15:55
#5 - Rogue -------------------------- 17:34
#6 - How to loose a duel ----------- 20:20
#7 - End credits ----------------- 21:26

alright please leave me comments good or bad but no hate plz.

im a bit scared cauz i have no idea of how you guys will take it cauz there are simply no healer vids or almost none.

sorry there are probly some faults but my first language is french.

enjoy :-)
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