Rxr goes Insane - Part 1 by Rxr
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Frostwhisper ( Rampage )
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First of all, the level 60 bracket is pretty much unbalanced
It's mostly a 1 shot fest duo all the new talents since TBC etc.
No resilience at all
Dont expect a "oldschool vanilla" PvP movie.

If you dont know anything about the current state of level 60 PvP, dont comment.

I made this movie because my friends, guildies, alliance twinks and randoms asked me to. It was never my intention to make one because I never worked with Vegas Pro.
NOTE: This is my first movie EVER made.

My Trailer was pretty much a succes according to all the comments and level 1's whispering me everyday.
I was kinda surprised by that ...
I realy do hope I dont dissapoint you all with my movie BUT I am planning to make a 2nd movie.

I made a little mix of Duels and BG's and random stuff.
This movie is mostly Duels and for Guild promotion.

I know the BG fight's are a bit sloppy but I want to put all the good ones in my 2nd movie.

What to expect:
A tier 2.5 / HWL Warrior Dual Wielding Dark edge + Sulfuras and the best gear available for a level 60.

I DO NOT have Engineering 425+. I dont need 2K instant dmg trinkets + 3K Gloves to kill someone.
I Dont even have TBC and have NOT used the TBC Trial for Ramparts socket gear etc.
Everything is pure Vanilla gear but with the exception of WotlK Enchants.
Keep in mind that this is level 60, I only have 51 Talent points and no Spell Reflect etc.

This movie contains the following;
Duels vs 2.5 twinks
Best premade ever
Entertainment (I hope)
Tiny bit of BG's
The Usual OMGWTF Lolcrits 'n stuff with 20 healbots around me(Yes people asked me to make this part)
Gurubashi Death Match Arena

Songs Used:
1. X-Ray Dog - Hellbringer
2. Hans Zimmer - Sorrow
3. Lost Prophets - Start Something
4. Rob Zombie - Scum of the Earth
5. Sir Mix Alot - I like big buts
6. Disturbed - I'm Alive
7. Dope - Die Mother Fucker Die (Dont comment on this song if you didnt watch this part)
8. Sum 41 - No Apologies
9. Demon Hunter - Fading Away
10. Story of the year - Razerblades
11. Ayumi Hamasaki - Jewel

Addons used:
Damage Font:

Please comment, so I know how to improve for my next BG / Arena movie if it's worth it.



I totally forgot to mention why im making 2 parts.

The runtime and size of this movie was already Maxxed for Streaming and Uploading to a DL site. So I snapped all good BG fight's and will put them in my 2nd movie.

This is also the reason why this movie was released a couple weeks earlier then expected.


Please visit www.iddqdfw.com if you have any questions regarding the guild or movie.

Dont bother making level 1's.
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