Oliax 2 - 2500+ rogue by Oliaxz
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Kel'Thuzad ( Nightfall )
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*** Gladiator Rogue goes 1vs2 in non rated arena ***
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Oliax, 80 rogue, S6 2v2 @2.4k and 3v3 @2.9k.

Hi, Im Oliax from Kel'thuzad and this is my 2nd pvp video. I switched up my UI a little bit and got some new outfit via model edit (no more blood elf though haha). Definately a nice amount of clips, no RP crap and none of that efamous people's D sucking either.

My goal wasnt to make a copycat of all the other rogue videos out there so I wasnt thinking about puting some techno or commercial music that everyone like to listen to once a week with over 9000 rogue duels or w/e and then boom your efamous wooooo wooooo, what do i care.

It's also quite surprising actually how many people gave me a bad rating because they didnt like the music. I went with my own taste and I personnly think that those songs are amazing. Also, I wasnt going to fraps until I get those perfect clips of teams that are just on the edge of being unbeatable. I just decided to make this on a raining week end. Either way, it shows in my opinion a lot more insight on how to play a rogue at a top lvl than most arena videos, rated or not.

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy my video with some of my favorite music. My play isn't flawless and I dont always have the perfect opener, Im aware of it kthx. Also, the thing that breaks my gouge is the darkmoon card proc.

Geez wall of text!
Anyway, turn up the volume and have a nice watch!

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Mellowdrone - Orange Marmalade
The Mars Volta - Asilos Magdalena
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