Happy Up Here by BaronSoosdon
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So, I was flying around in Elwynn and found this lonely little house in mountains.
It had no residents - that had to be changed!

This is my vision of a gnome-styled penthouse high above.

The area features a racing track, teleporters, chillout zone by a beach (the chill zone is equipped with drinkable, eatable and smokable products), swimming pool, three different bars, a garage and a personal warship for destroying things you do not like!

And if that ain't enough, there's also penguins, iceblocks, mechagnomes and a device which changes day to night (and vice versa) by a single button push!

I've never done any area creation before so this is my first time. Everything was created by spawning gameobjects (the easy newb mode).

Point of this video? To make you smile :)

::music used::
Happy Up Here
by R´┐Żyksopp

I Remember (J Majik & Wickaman remix)
by Deadmau5

Visit my homepage!


Some of you have been wanting that I do a full-length plotline movie. Zomg, that thing is finally about to happen! A bunch of voice actors are recording their lines.


::shameless guild recruitment advertisement::
My guild, The Beastro ([H] Twilight's Hammer EU) is looking for new raiders. Gief applications and join us or I'll burn your house down and rickroll it's ashes!

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