Raid Together, Die Alone 4 by BaronSoosdon
Class: Shaman | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Twilight's Hammer ( Blackout )
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The Firelands raid was one of the three good things in Cataclysm (the other two being goblins and transmogrification). I planned my Cataclysm-era RTDA video to have more footage about other raids.

However, I got bored with the first tier of raids really fast.

Dragon Soul is one of the worst raids of all time, and definitely not worth filming.

But gladly Firelands was a great experience pre-nerf. Sadly we did not get to kill Raggy v2.0 before the Dragon Soul hit.. but it was a fun run anyways!

The raid itself and playing melee class set up quite a lot of limitations on what could not be filmed. I'm still quite satisfied with the end result.

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