Simple Guide To Particle Illusion With WoW by Revsm8
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Movie Summary
A Simple Guide To Using Particle Illusion with WoW.

What is this Guide/Tutorial?..
I searched around a bit on here and couldnt find any Tutorials on how to use the Particle illusion software with WoW videos so decided to give it a go.

I Downloaded particle illusion and messed around with it, and got to know it by trial and error.
So in the interest of hopefully saving some of you time i've compiled a simple guide to a few basics with the software and how i've used it in a simple clip.

What i'll try to teach you..
The tutorial consists of 4 main parts.

1- The interface, I'll show you the basics of the program and its layout.

2- The Particle Effects and options window for changing/creating particles

3- Adding effects to your fraps'd content and making it follow characters or spells

4- rendering and playing pack your video for further vegas editing.

Im in No way a "professional" at this, far from it, so if some of my information about the options settings are wrong then forgive me, i just put in what i noticed from using the software.

I also lack sony vegas editing tecnhiques as you will see, but hopefully its clear enough and you will learn something.

Final thing, at the start i say "as shown in red" in some text information, which i later realised after 8 hours of rendering i had pressed "X" on the layer with the red annotations, so it didnt show up on the final render.
But this should'nt be a problem, its only 4 or 5 words missing.

I'd like to point out again that im far from an experienced user and just thought i'd share the very basics with you.

Maybe it will shed some light on the subject and we'll see a few more effects in movie intro's and stuff.

Video Resolution 1680*1050
Encoded in h.264 so you'll need the right codecs to play it.

I Haven't uploaded it to any streams due to the fact you will not be able to read the text annotations i have added to help.
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