FI5VE - Deleted Opening by X-Cross
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(I know it\'s a little late to release it here since i\'ve released it at other sites earlier.. But I suddenly just felt like it :S)

So I recently started working on this machinima series named FI5VE. It will be about five gnomes with \"unique\" wow classes (Those five classes gnomes can\'t be that is). The series will be comedy with a little bit of action and each episode will be about 10 minutes long. Also I got to give alot of cred to Genna Bain aka Eriyanna for taking the time writing the script for the series and for voice acting as Ellie Lightspanner.

This was supposed to be the actual opening which would be shown in the beginning of every episode but if I would finish it I felt that it would be too long for a 10 mintute episode so I decided to make something more short and sweet but the new opening you won\'t see before we release the first episode. Another reason for not using this opening is because I don\'t think the music fits too well but for the new one Calle Nilsson aka Irdeen have composed this awesome short \'n sweet song so I bet that will do. And ofc this intro looks a bit too serious and too much action in my opinion and I think it\'s a bit hard some times to take gnomes too serious (atleast for some people). Still I release this because I don\'t wanna throw away my work without a comment on it. :P

If you wanna know more about my machinima projects then visit:
Thanks for watching! :D
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