TOP GUN ROGUES - airganking by kryticalDV
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Azgalor ( Ruin )
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Hello there!

Quite a long time ago, i developed a burning hatred for people who would mount up and fly away from pvp encounters. After all, why roll on a pvp server if you dont want to pvp? I imagined for so long being able to chase people down and kill them in midair. I pulled it off a few times by stealthing in the air, premed, shadowstep garrote & DT, but with the exception of maybe ONE attempt, i always died because of latency issues i wouldnt be able to shadowstep to a mob on the ground. or there just was not a mob available, lol.

luckily with Killing Spree, GLG and Mega Man Hand Cannon, SWD card, and parachute cloak, my dreams of killing people in the air have finally come to fruition.

there is no:
arena footage
bg footage
impressive playing
serious pvp
serious pvp music

this is a themed comedic pvp video. if you cant find a little time to be silly in a video game, you should probably A- get a personality, and B- quit playing video games.

that being said, i hope someone somewhere finds it enjoyable.

thanks to everyone for the positive feedback and for helping my video get to 100k views. special thanks to my buddy lil chris for bumping my threads to promote my video.

if you like this, be sure to check out my other videos! thanks again!
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