[WCMC#1] CORGIKILLCREW - Corgi ganking by kryticalDV
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Azgalor ( Ruin )
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Hello, and welcome to CORGIKILLCREW, my entry for the season 1 WarcraftMovies contest!

Like all my videos, this is in no way a skill showcase or about me as a player. This is a celebration of my guild and finding ways to have fun with some of my best friends even when WOW is maybe a little stale. Looking forward to a great 2019 and hoping WOW will continue to get back to a state where we all love the game.

This is a little bit of a throwback to my Bunny gank video, Bunlock V1, which I had always wanted to make a sequel to. This is sort of that, only with a squad of Corgis instead of Bunnies. This is a straight up gank video, so we always outnumber our targets, a couple of whom aren't even max level.

Hope you will enjoy the video, feel free to drop a comment if you do, and follow me on various platforms if you'd like to see more!

My next full length video AIA XIII, a multi class guild PVP video, is going to be following up soon, trying for a January release.

Thanks fam! Happy New Year!
(Thumbnail preview image by Jon Sommariva, Twitter: @jonsommariva)
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