Before the Dragons Came Poetry Reading World of Warcraft by Earthtapper
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Some might not appreciate poetry but I wanted to share with those that do. I wrote this about 7 years ago and it seemed to fit world of warcraft which i love playing. Yeah, I like dragons ;)

This is set to various clips of the world of warcraft I took along with one clip of a blizzard cinematic movie.

Music instrumental My Immortal.

Voice: me

The Poem:

The Mourning Cry

The sun set in a storm of fire
Red hazed the land
Before the darkness became the night
Before the dragons came

The moon was high in the cloudless sky
Red tinged the ground where you lay
Before the stars set
Before the dragons came

The dawn had not yet come
Red edged the distant sky
Before you died
Before the dragons came

I heard your death cry in this evil land
Red rimmed my eyes as I wept
Before the sun came up
Before the dragons came

Your sword I held in a shaking hand
Red dripping from the silver edge
Before I called the dragons down
Before the dragons came

I wrought the magic beyond restraint
Red the barrier between me and fate
Before I fell, I saw their wings
Before my death, the dragons screamed

The sun sets in a storm of fire
Red splashed are the dragons scales
Before they left across the dusk
Before they left for all time

They keened the mourning cry for us.

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